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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Fullmetal Alchemist Anarchy [LB]   Fullmetal Alchemist Anarchy [LB] I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 7:11 pm

Fullmetal Alchemist Anarchy [LB] Fk89wy

[blockquote]"Ow, brother, quit that. It hurts." A voice travelled into the alchemist's ears. "Al, I'm not touching you! I'm the one in pain... Shut up and go to bed..." Edward groaned as he gripped his side, rolling over to face the window. Both boy's blinked for a few seconds before screaming and sitting up."Brother! I can feel!" Alphonse screamed, feeling over his body. "I can feel!" He laughed, Edward staring at him in disbelief. 'How...' Edward thought, his ache in his side starting to ease. Edward rasied an eyebrow and raised his hand to pinch his leg, causing Alphonse to yelp in pain. "OW! Brother, stop it!"

"I thought so..." Edward spoke, his eyes falling to the floor. "Our bond isn't broken." He remembered everything, but didn't understand it. "Brother, I'm alive!" Alphonse laughed, before his stomach growled causing the young Elric to blush and Edward to laugh.

Welcome to FullMetal Anarchy - A FullMetal Alchemist RPG.

This story takes place after Al gets his body back. It does not, however, follow the storyline in the later part of the series. This story splits off from the series after episode 28, after Ed and Al are set on Yock Island by Izumi to reflect on their mistakes.

Ed and Al do visit Dante but the visit is uneventful and so is the rest of their visit with Izumi. They look for Scar (you’ll remember that they were originally going to go find Scar before they were found by Izumi) but are unable to locate him, so the search for the stone continued. Since then, they've been traveling over Amestris.

By the time Ed an Al reach the ages of seventeen and sixteen, Scar is still killing State Alchemists, all the homunculi are still at large (Wrath, Pride and Sloth are still unknown by anyone other than the other homunculi) and Ed and Al have found a way, independent of the stone, to get Al’s body back. The two teenagers were found, unconscious and taken to Central City’s military hospital. It seems there are side effects though, Edward and Alphonse's bond shared when the younger brother was still within armour has not been severed, as such, any harm that comes to Edward, will befall him too, and with the ever looming danger of the Homunculi realising what the two brothers have accomplished....things look set to be painful for both of them. That is where this story begins.

Homunculi are still after the brothers (as usual). The Homunculi will be after them, not for the stone, but to find out HOW they accomplished such a feat (getting Al's body back) without the stone. The Homunculi's goal is to find this information, and become human the same way Alphonse did. However, the truth behind that is much darker than anyone could have forseen: an Organization that lives beneath Amestris...and runs its veins to every major City on the map. Ed doesnt remember anything about it, and there's only one person that could possibly be able to help them...if she wants to stop the shadows of her past from coming forth to haunt anybody else.


It is your time to choose. Will you stand with The Military? Will you stand with The Organization? Or, will you stand Alone?

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Fullmetal Alchemist Anarchy [LB]
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