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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Lord Xelon   Lord Xelon I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 8:22 pm

~General Information~
Name: Lord Xelon
Nickname/Alias:the great destroyer
Weight: 6''11
Height: 170lbs
Age: unkown
Gender: male
( most likly the only male I'm making lol)

~Character Information~
Appearance: Xelon is a large with slighly large muscules but not to big. his skin is semi pale and covered in scars, the most notable one is the the large X shaped one on his right eye along with that scar that eye is more lizard like and yellow in color compared to his other eye witch is normal looking and is blue. he is allmost walking with his fists cletched,and smiling, all of his teeth are sharped making his smile quite distubing and monster like.....he has long slicked back dark green hair
Clothing: Xelon wears a long dark blue haori with large jaw like bone peices witch large fangs on the shoulders facing upworks. the coller is slight pulled up with a fur rim.
Personality: Xelon prefers to battle over talking things out, Xelon is a brute, often going all out to destory everything because he thinks its fun... he also finds it funny to bring fear to her allys and foes...
~Saint Beast Rank~
Rank: beast lord beast Captain 11

Beast Information~
Beast type: T-rex
Beast Look: Xelon quickly starts to grow large black plate bone like scales all over is body as is musucle mass grows aswell causing him to become slightly more bulky, his four fingers become two large finger like claws, and he grows a large tail. his size doubles making him a terrior to behold....his head becomes alot more lizard and dragon like.
Beast Power: size growth and inhanced body.
Beast Specialty: masssive Stangth and durability


Name: Roar of terror
Range: long
Info while in beast form he is able to use a roar mixed in with his Reiatsu that causes a shockwave able to clear large areas around him, he often uses this to clear our a area to fight in or weed out the weaklings, along with the shockwave the Reiatsu causes feelings of ones own death apear in there mind.

Name: I am the great destoryer!
Range: large
Info Xelon's power starts to rise rapidly as his size increases once agien, making the size a large building.

Name: High Reiatsu
Range: self
Info Xelon's Reiatsu is insanly high causing people who are weak often falling to the ground and being crushed by it.

Name:Immortal body
Range: passive
Info well not truly immortal, Xelon stragnly has a very strong body....seemly being able to awake from being frozen for such a long time as well as beable to move after words.... he is able to survive wounds that normaly would kill somone and survive from them...

Name: space tear
Range: self
Info Xelon is able with his high levels of power to tear into other dimensions

Name: Hohō
Range: all range
Info Hohō a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow, while not quite as skilled as many other Xelon uses this to chase runaways...

History/Background Story:
Before Beast Fuse Arc:
" it is said that there are those who never seem to die...."

it is that a long time ago there was a powerful warrior,who lived and breathed the stench of war and death...known as the great is said the apon the age that he was ready to wield a sword, he killed his own family and just wondered off.... this warrior traveled the land killing all that he saw not caring on who or what he killed it is said that this warrior wore made armor he made from the bones of his fallen victoms and a cape made from there swords.... many thought this warrior was a myth a tale ment to scare peasents and recuits......but some knew it to be the truth some have seen this terror, seen him kill whole villages without a secound thought he lived for his bloodlust and war..... it is said that once they finaly caputered him no matter what they did he seemly would not die, so believing that this man was some sort of demon they locked him into a large boat and sent him a dift, away from them all..... it is said this boat difted to years, the man inside surviving somehow....then the boat slowly drifted into the icey wastes.....and stoped freezing over...with him inside of it...

Beast Fuse Arc:

his body was found in the frozen waste of a group of scienists found his body extided on there find over a frozen body as they tryed to free the body for study....quickly they found themself suprized as the mans vitals were there, meaning that not only was in the first body they had ever found it was cryogenically frozen, as they were happy and exsided over this discovery they had not noticed the mans life signs slowly started to raise up the ice shattered as he bust from his icey prison starting to kill all of those around him....but sadly Xelon did no know about what a gun was....and was shot and killed by one of the scientists, but with his last moment alive he fell back into the icey waters sinking.. the scienist would be labeled insane and changed with killing his co-workers...... Xelon awoke in a strange place filled with with a endless night, he stared up at a large creature standing before him it looked down at him, and told him it would grant him the power to fight forever and inreturn all he wanted is to fuse into him...smiling Xelon agreed to this....he went and found himself a place in this world.....

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

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mage master

mage master

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PostSubject: Re: Lord Xelon   Lord Xelon I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 8:30 pm

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Lord Xelon
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