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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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 Third World(Affiliate request)

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PostSubject: Third World(Affiliate request)   Third World(Affiliate request) I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2011 9:20 am

In a time of great darkness and suffering the gods had opened a portal to an other world so that their creatures could begin again in another world. They didn't know that a powerful dark magician girl named Gabby had taken upon herself the world they created. Killing creatures left and right if they resisted her and refused to help her create, her own powerful empire in the world the gods created. Unknown to her plan that they were breeding powerful immortals to put her in her place and turn the world they created that she had turned into nothing but blood and darkness into something better. Now the world is a lot better off but unknown to most. That evil witch still walks around the world waiting on the perfect time to strike and bring mayhem to the world they love so dear. Now since they created this world portals from Earth and other worlds have been opened and revealed to the public so anyone can come to their precious world. Some humans falling in love with immortals and some humans seeking revenge on the devil who they think created all these terrible beings to finally seek them out and destroy them all for good. The gods also made another world for mostly the wicked ones to try to keep the peace, but not everything goes to plan and they accept that now, but new ages are made for new heroes.... come now and meet them!

Site:Third World

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Site Genra:Medevil/modern fantasy mix


Third World(Affiliate request) Dexter_icon-blood

 Third World

(Sorry it's not as big as the ones on your site since everyone wants affiliates to be certain size so mines small hope you don't mind not going to resize my button for ever single site.)(Btw not sure what kind of site this is so tell me if I put yours in the wrong spot)
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Third World(Affiliate request)
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