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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Kuro Akarui - Arrancar   Kuro Akarui - Arrancar I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 11:09 am

~General Information~
Name: Kuro Akarui
Nickname/Alias: Angel of Death
Weight: 165 pounds
Height: 6'3"
Age: 342 years (appears 24)
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Kuro is a tall figure with blonde hair and amber eyes. His hair is cut unevenly, with a long ponytail in the back, but short and spiky in the front with a single long strand that hangs in front of his face. His mask remnant is a plain white ring that encircles his forehead like a circlet, slightly resembling a halo. His hole is where a human's heart is.
Clothing: Kuro wears a white, shoulder-less robe and a white mini cape that wraps around his chest and shoulders, fastened to his shirt with a cross. He also wears white gloves.
Personality: Kuro operates with a two-faced personality. Always behaving civilized and respectful to comrades and enemies alike, he makes himself appear to be a lover of peace and goodwill. Behind the act is a devious, uncaring tactician who uses his nice appearance to fool others and make them lower their guard, allowing him to more easily use his abilities on them and put them under his influence.

~arrancar Rank/ Number~
Rank: Espada
Number: 5
Number Location: The middle of his back


Sealed Zanpakuto:
A bright red sword that Kuro uses for combat purposes until his released abilities are needed.

Release Phrase: Spread your influence
Resurrección Name: Ángel negro (Black Angel)

Resurrección Appearance:
When in Resurrección, Kuro's outfit changes to a more decorated robe with gold trimming. He also sprouts two large white wings out of his back.

Resurrección Abilities

Name: Contrato oscuro (Dark Contract)
Range:5 meters
Info Kuro's trade ability that he's used and refined since first becoming a hollow, Contrato oscuro is an unusual hollow ability that heals Kuro's intended target's wounds with a bright light. The healing effect makes their body less resistant to Kuro's spirit power, allowing it to enter their body where it persists. Inside their body, Kuro's spirit power has a default effect of making the target less willing to oppose or attack him, as if bothered by a guilty conscience for doing so. (duration: 5 posts)

Name: Influencia de cielo (Heaven's Influence)
Range: 50 meters
Info: An area of effect form of Contrato oscuro, Kuro's light shines out in all directions, healing and influencing all who are bathed in it. The effect is much weaker than when concentrated on one target, thus making the spirit power that invades the targets' bodies dissipate much quicker. (duration: 2 posts)

Name: Cumplimiento (Fulfillment)
Range: 1 infected target
Info: Good for one use per infection, Kuro can manipulate his spirit power that has invaded others to put them under his total influence for one act. Strong foes like other espada and shinigami captains can resist the effect with great mental strain/control. After using this ability, the spirit power in the target's body is used up, releasing them from the Contrato oscuro influence early. If attempting to control multiple targets at the same time, they must all be within Kuro's visual range.

Hollow/Arrancar Abilities:
  • Cero
  • Bala
  • Sonido
  • Hierro
  • Garganta
  • Negación
  • Pesquisa

History/Background Story:
Before death Arc:
Kuro was a naive child in his life. Always nice to people, never asking anything of anyone, he was just a selfless boy. This attitude led to him being taken advantage of nonstop, as well as bullied by those who knew that he wouldn't retaliate. As a result of such treatment, Kuro's personality began to transform inside of him. By the time he was a teenager, he maintained his kind words and actions, but had a harsh internal outlook and tendency to judge others brewing inside of him. After graduating from high school, he attended college, aiming to be a prosecuting attorney to serve the community by aiding in the judgement of "bad" people. His dream was never realized however, as he was caught up in an accident one day and died at the age of 22.

Death/hallow Arc:
After dying, Kuro wandered around as a soul. He was scared of moving on to the afterlife, afraid of the dark feelings that had been born in his heart while alive. He sought redemption in a church, praying to God to answer him as to whether or not his feelings were wrong. A rookie priest noticed him and offered Kuro the chance to be "saved". This priest unfortunately had no idea what he was doing, and in the attempt to purify Kuro's soul ended up widening his hollow hole and painfully transforming him into a hollow. When Kuro managed to break through the obsessive instincts of the hollow body, he found himself in a new dark body with wings, resembling a sort of harpy. He saw this as God's answer to his questions, accepting his feelings and granting him the power and rite to judge as he saw fit.

Kuro spent years devouring souls and increasing his power. Over time, he grew to forget his fears of his actions and his allegiances to justice and virtue. He existed only for himself now. He gathered a large following of other hollows, all respecting his power and pride, as well as those who resisted being put under the influence of his abilities until they gave in. After gaining enough power, he devoured a massive percentage of his allies to further increase his power until he had reached the level of vasto lorde. It was at this stage that he felt ready to remove his mask.

Becoming a arrancar/life as a arrancar Arc:
Kuro's transformation into an arrancar was long and painful. Upon the removal of his mask, feelings of guilt and loathing plagued him for days until he managed to shut them out with his new arrogance and gain his new powers. Even though he was now an arrancar, he was in need of a new army since he had destroyed most of his old one in the process of his evolution. His powers as an arrancar made bending others to his will even easier and with time he had a following consisting of dozens of fraccion and hundreds of lower hollows. He joined the espada later in life in order to have a deeper influence and information network of the hollows as a whole, but continues to remain loyal solely to himself.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
Solo thread of my shinigami character on another site:

PS: I was invited to this site by Isaac
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro Akarui - Arrancar   Kuro Akarui - Arrancar I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 10:29 pm

intresting... indeed


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Kuro Akarui - Arrancar
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