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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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 [DONE] Bount Naomi Myou

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PostSubject: [DONE] Bount Naomi Myou   [DONE] Bount Naomi Myou I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 10:47 pm

~General Information~
Name: Naomi Myou
Weight: 102 lbs
Height: 4' 10"
Appearing as 21
Real Age Unknown
Gender: Female

~Character Information~
[DONE] Bount Naomi Myou _eyes
Clothing: Usually wears a dark hoody or shirt (depending on mood) and carries iPod/mp3 and earphones

A double-sided personality and personally uses the "side" which benefits her more. Though she does care about her friends and allies, Naomi may backstab in times of dire need or if she has suspicions of foul play. The more somebody trusts her and develops a bond, the more likely she is to try to protect them when they are in need and not backstab them. Not a social or unsocial type of person but is willing to give people a chance to get close to her of their own free will. Ironically, she won't stand people back-stabbing or taking advantage of her.
Only since some of her friends started calling her a "freak" and back-stabbed her, did Naomi start back-stabbing others herself.

She has a real like of music because it gives her the chance to forget about the worries or reality. Naomi prefers to not "drink" though gambling could be something she'd give a try. Rather easy-going, Naomi doesn't specifically TRY to gain any enemies but thanks to her occasional selfish back-stabbing, she has quite a few foes. Depending on her mood, she usually wears a dark hoody or nice-looking shirt. At times with the hoody, her appearance can be found quite daunting, so smart people tend to stay away. People who have aged while seeing her not, have spread rumors about her being a freak, and it hurts her to see people who she though to be her friends consider her to be a "freak". Yet, she can understand why they think so and can't exactly blame them for treating her like that. As long as they don't send mobs after her or try to assault her, Naomi won't set her doll free to rampage on them.

Killing any hollows is only if they get in her way or if she is in one of her "dark" moods (in which she wears the dark hoody). Otherwise, she doesn't tend to be very aggressive or appear to be one of those blood-spilling freak monsters.
In her "ok" or "good" moods, she tends to be kind to anyone who she considers a "friend" who hasn't back-stabbed her or anything of the sort. Though Shinigami have "marked" her kind and killed most of them off, she feels she is lucky to be alive and wishes to continue living. Living in peace that is, but otherwise, she doesn't hold much of a grudge against the Shinigami surprisingly. Her anger has slowly fade away during her centuries of living. As long as they don't bother her, she won't bother them.

When people make her mad or back-stab her, she tends to go bezerk in her rage. She'll let her doll rampage and this could cause a lot of damage and serious injuries-- including death. Only "best" friends" who she has known for a long period of time and trusts, seem to be able to have any slim chance of calming her. She does, however, have a good bond with her doll and considers it to be one of her "best friends". She prefers for her doll to not call her "master", but as her first name, Naomi.

Doll Information~
Doll Name: Kurono
Doll Power:

    - Has a strong defensive body structure with stone, rock plates covering its body. These shards cannot be easily penetrated to.
    - May breathe fire or shoot a lava-like substance out of its mouth.
    - Able to control fire or lava at will.
    - May transfigure its body to be such as a shard sphere to protect whoever it desires.

~Merge~Information~ (when the Bount merges with their doll)
Doll Look:
Doll Power:

    - Has a strong defensive plated body with hard rock substance.
    - May breathe fire out of its mouth and shoot lava through hands.
    - Able to control fire or lava at will.
    - Lava-like sword and claw of massive strength and capable of scarring and incinerating.

Skill Specialty: Inhancement of speed and strength to a considerable amount.

Name: Subduing Inferno
Range: Self
Info From the diameter of 12 feet, area goes aflame and cracks began to form on the earth. Lava spurts out from the cracks, and the terrain boosts the power of the merged Bount.

Name: Fang of Fire
Range: Close Combat
Info The merged Bount attacks the foe and burns whatever it seeps its fang into.

Name: Pyro Incinerator
Range: Distant Attack
Info Fire is breathed out of its mouth and/or lava is shot from its hands.

Name: Tremor of the Shards
Range: Distant Attack
Info Shards of sharp hot rock shards fly towards the enemy in order to damage and/or pin the enemy down.

Name: Hell X-ile
Range: Close Combat
Info A series of combo melee attacks are struck on the foe by the scarring claw and heated blade until the fused Bount finally digs its claw into the foe and crushes it from inside out.

History/Background Story:

At first, Naomi wasn't aware of how she was a Bount, but it soon became clear when she did not age like the others. She lived quite the regular life of a female teenager. Both her parents had died before she reached the age of 30 in life, yet in their will, she was left an abundant sum of money which would support her throughout her life and times of strife and danger. Gradually growing older, any excuses of why her appearance didn't age failed and her "so-called" friends began calling her a freak.
Hurt, yet understanding why they thought so, Naomi was still very angry because her "friends" were ones that she trusted and cared about very deeply. From then on, she tried desperately to avoid them.
Soon, mobs came after for because she was different and "freaky". By being just who she was, Naomi was despised. Corned at last and tired of running, Naomi became so infuriated and frustrated that she was able to set the whole town on fire. Many were killed yet some who knew her still lived. Bewildered by what she did, Naomi fled to another town where she later met another Bount. Learning the ways of the Bount and getting a doll, Naomi took the money she had inherited and continued traveling aimlessly. Naomi had found that the Bount was somewhat "mad" and obsessed with revenge. Though she was still angry at what had happened to her in her hometown, Naomi didn't wish to seek that type of revenge that would add on more to her list of sins. She stayed in places only for a few days or possibly 2 weeks at the max. As long as people didn't bother her, she didn't do anything to them.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

Hmmm.... RP-ed and other character before so hopefully can skip XP
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PostSubject: Re: [DONE] Bount Naomi Myou   [DONE] Bount Naomi Myou I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 15, 2011 3:07 am


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[DONE] Bount Naomi Myou
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