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 Sumaru Shokubutsu

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mage master

mage master

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PostSubject: Sumaru Shokubutsu    Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:53 pm

~General Information~
Name: Sumaru Shokubutsu
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Weight: 10 ½ stone
Height: 6foot 3
Age: 320 (looks 20)
Gender: Male

~Character Information~

Sumaru has dark hair and blue eyes. Being quite tall and slender this makes him rather nimble and agile. Even though he has a scrawny look about him he is well toned showing he is quite strong.
Sumaru wears jeans and steel toed boots on his lower half. Letting his belt hang down at the side of his waist. On his upper half he wears a navy sleeveless shirt that also covers most of his neck. Over his shoulders he wears protective shoulder pads and a large sword on his back
His sword has no special abilities although with its weight and Sumaru’s strength it allows him to use it in combat being able to fight on power with a high level shinigami’s zanpakuto if he is forced into combat without his doll

Sword look:

Sumaru comes across as a quiet person who keeps himself to himself. This is mainly due to the fact that he has watched many of his friends grow up and die while he remained the same. Due to this he does not let others get close to him incase he ends up getting hurt again.
Other long living races like shinigami and other bounts he is more comfortable around as he knows they are the same as him but he still cant shift the persona of keeping himself to himself.
Beneth this he is a caring person who does not wish harm of others unless they are deserving of it.

Doll Information~
Doll Name: Drya
Doll Sealed Form
The dolls sealed form takes shape of a dagger resembling those found in his home land of Ireland in ancient times

Doll Power:
The powers for this doll enables it to manipulade and rapidly grow any form of plant life. It id also able to manipulate wood as it washes. The plants and wood can be produced directly from the dolls body or the ground meaning that it excels in mid-long range combat as well as defensive capabilities
The doll is able to condence the wood to the point where fire will take alot longer to effect it also as Sumaru was raised in quite a cold climate the doll has developed attacks that are resistant to the cold. This makes it a tough foe in all extreames of temperature although fire will still burn through its attacks eventually and ice will slow its attacks

The most used attacks for this doll are:
Natural Order
This allows the user to rapidly grow plants and attack an opponent with them. As the plants attack parts are hardened and sharpened to slash at the opponent or impale them. This can be done from the ground or the dolls body
This technique can be used with wood in the same manner

This allows the doll to grow a thick wall of wood or plants to protect both itself and Sumaru

Using either wood or plants the doll can create a thick walls surrounding the opponent entirely. Once this has surrounded them thin sharp parts will shoot from the internal walls from all directions impaling the opponent entirely

Nature Storm
Again using either plants or wood the doll will create a large amount of plants/wood to be sent at the opponent at a tremendous speed impaling those even with the toughest heiro. This technique makes it look like a storm of plants is hurtling towards the opponent

Dome barrier
This allows the doll to create a large amount of plants/wood to form a dome around the the user and any alies. This gives a great deal of protection to those inside the dome.

~Merge~Information~ (when the Bount merges with their doll)
Doll Look:
Doll Power:

Once Sumaru has merged with the doll he is able to use all of it’s previous abilities. Now he has free control over and its abilities he can combine the attacks with his sword to increase its capabilities.

Now that he is merged with the doll he is able to surround his body for additional protection and manipulate the plants and wood around his arms to form all kinds of weapons. However he is not used to this method and prefers to combine his abilities with his sword

As the dolls additional power is added to him he gains increased strength and also increased speed making his sword attacks more lethal.

History/Background Story:
Growing up outside a small village in the north of Ireland Sumaru lead quite a peaceful life ona farm with his parents. As he grew older he could feel that he was different to those around him. During his childhood he could see spirits and strange masked creatures (hollows) although he thought nothing of this as he figured no one would believe him anyway if mentiond.

Carrying on working on his parents farm tending to crops he himself didn’t notice he wasn’t ageing... but the people around him definitely did notice and he was the talk of the village. After a while he noticed that those around him kept getting old and dieing. Not understanding why he just carried on with his daily life on now his farm.

One fateful day during the winter he could hear screams coming from the village. Rushing up the road he was greated by a great masked creature. Falling to the ground he pulls out his small dagger left to him by his parents. Not knowing why he said it he called “Zeige Dich” and a grand figure errupted from the dagger. The figure of a plant covered woman stood before him staring at the creature. With a movement of her hand plants shot from the ground like spears impaling the creature killing it. Sumaru looked at her asking if she was a dryad to which she responded “no im drya and im part of you” she smiled and kissed him on the cheek “call me if you need me” then the woman vanished into the dagger with a glow it settled back to normal.

As the years passed Sumaru got used to his new found abilities and Drya. But also he became more secluded in his dealings with others as he had the constant fear of getting close to someone then dieing on him. Due to this he sold up his farm and used the money to travel the world with Drya.

Setteling in Japan he found that he was able to practise his skills in peace there. Thus he purchased a great sword to train with. Training untill his body was on fire he was determined to make it so that he could wield the redicously heavy and large sword untill it was like an extra finger.

Keeping up his tradition he bought quite a large plot of land to farm on in japan to keep himself occupied as he mainly keeps himself to himself. Selling his crops he makes a decent living while slaying any of the hollows he may spot. Now he hires a couple of the locals to tend to it while he is away on other business.

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
Mizu Masuta
Sumaru Shokubutsu
Rikku Mononoke

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mage master

mage master

Posts : 401
Join date : 2011-02-07

Character sheet
2000/2000  (2000/2000)

PostSubject: Re: Sumaru Shokubutsu    Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:27 pm

Due to discussion this can be considered


Very Happy

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
Mizu Masuta
Sumaru Shokubutsu
Rikku Mononoke
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Sumaru Shokubutsu
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