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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Rikku Mononoke   Rikku Mononoke I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 3:56 pm

~General Information~
Name: Rikku Mononoke
Weight: 8 ½ stone
Height: 5 foot 9
Age: 390 (looks 21)
Gender: Female

~Character Information~
Rikku Mononoke Final-fantasy-x-rikku

Rikku Mononoke Thumb_big_normal_206adfdb36455ec0ed5aac27ec0e5b6d

Rikku Mononoke MTS2_Hardy_boyz_277255_ffx_rikku1600x1200
Rikku doesn’t like to wear much clothing just shorts and a bikini top. She has dark green eyes like mizu but she has long flowing blonde hair. When she is cold she will put on the small shirt (seen above) on her feet she wears knee high white boots where she stores various viles
Oh her waist she keeps an attachment of pouches, which she uses for a belt. These pouches contain various forms of poisions and other nasty potions that she often finds usefull. However at all times she always reserves one of the pouches for various antiditotes incase the wrong person gets infected

Rikku has a “take no shit” style attitude and will not take it from anyone. She is quick to anger espically after she has been up all night working on experiments.
She will help others but if she is busy there is no hope of getting her assistance in any matters. If she is busy and someone persistently anoy’s her for assistance she is likely to blast them with whatever form of kido happens to spring to mind or throw whatever item may be handy.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Captain
Division: 12th

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: Kazan
Zanpakutō Look:
Her zanpakuto is a standard looking with a brown handle wrap. However it has a red diamond shape on the base of the actual blade just above an ie-reguarality in the blade its-self

Zanpakutō Tranfrom look:
Rikku Mononoke Dissidia-GabranthSword

Once Rikku has released her zanpakuto it extends and forms a double ended black blade that when held up right is a bit bigger than she is (almost 6 foot). Each of the blades have an ieregular shape to them. From the tip of each of the blades flames can be seen coming from them
Zanpakutō Power:
The abilities of her zanpakuto is that of fire, earth and poison. She will mainly use the fire for ranged attacks, earth for defence and the poision seaps from the blades incase an opponent gets too close to her

Fire attacks
Fire ball – a standard fire attack that uses fire from her zanpakuto to launch a large ball of fire from her zanpakuto to deal considerable damage to her opponent due to the force and the burning

Pheonix Spit – this attack creates many smaller fire balls for her to fire at an opponent in a wide spread. She carries out this attack by spinning the blades infront of her. The attack resembles a quincey’s bow attack due to the speed of the rotation.

Terra Fold – by cutting the ground Rikku is able to cause the ground to lift quickly protecting her from oncoming attacks. She can position these cuts during a battle and use the area later

Crushing hand – this forms a hand created of earth and rock erupting from her zanpakuto and can either grab her opponent or stop attacks. The hand can be controlled by Rikku as she pleases

The poison that seeps from the blades of her zanpakuto have properties that will attack the opponents centeral nervous system directly along with the organs. Once thet have been cut with this and do not receive the antidote it will take hardly any time for the effects to kick in (2 posts)

If the opponent happens to touch the blade with a reiatsu attack even without the users knowledge the poison will remain on the reiatsu taking effect however will take longer than direct contact (4 posts)

Once the poison takes effect the person infected with it will become unable to move, after a short time without the antidote their internal organs will fail causing great agony (2 posts after paralyzing) and if left untreated longer they will die (4-6 posts after the pain)

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name:
Kazan shin'en
(volcanic abyss)
Bankai Look:
once she releases her bankai she gains wings made of lava
Also a large golum made entirely of lava forms behind her to move as she commands independant of her own actions. Also oozing in poison. This golum is impossible to cool down. As an experiment she had Mizu use his water to cool it down continously and do all he could to cause it to harden but it proved impossible. She also tried this with ice type users
Rikku Mononoke Attachment
Bankai Power:

Retaining the attacks from her shikai she is now also able to command the golum to attack in the same manner. The golum is also able to use her lava attacks as well as herself
Also now she has gained attacks that are of a lava nature, which combine the fire and earth properties of her zanpakuto. With her blade and the golum retaining the previous poison properties

Cover – this attack forms lava all around the opponent trapping them within it. Rikku is then able to shring this hot trap to crush the opponent and make them a part of the earth

Lava spit – this attack fires lava in the same manner as phoenix spit

Molten Tsunami – this attack causes lava to form and travel towards an opponent at incredible speed. using her zanpakuto she is able to manipulate the movements of the tsunami’s flow

Skill Specialty: she is a master of Kido and shunpo


History/Background Story:

Rikku was born to a family in the soul society. Both her parents being powerful shinigami she was constantly forced to push herself in her training. Also as one of her parents was a scientist she was constantaly bombarded with information and experiments that her father carried out.

Her mother a teacher at the academy ment that she was pushed harder than all the others. She found her time in the academy completly horrific due to this. Although with her parents pushing her both scientifically and with her skills once she had completed her time with the academy she was instantally made lieutenant by the captain of squad 12.

After many years had passed she was made captain after her own captain had been obliterated in an experiment that went wrong. She took up the role with recommendations from the majority of the other captains within the 13 court guard squads. She thought that her bankai had been kept secret but she was mistaken.

Taking on the roles of her captain once she had been seated as the squad 12 captain she was stationed for a while in the human world to conduct various experiments. Falling for a human man she fell pregnant after a short while with Mizu. Having to remain in the human world for a while due to this she was forced by the previous head captain to leave her son with his father but was permitted to monitor him. Once he had shown signs of developing powers she made her way to him to bring him to the soul society with her.

Reciently she has been working frantically on the saint beast situation that reciently came about. Meaning she hasn’t had much time to see her son

Before Death Arc:
N/A as born in soul society
After Death Arc:

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
Mizu Masuta
Sumaru Shokubutsu
Rikku Mononoke
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PostSubject: Re: Rikku Mononoke   Rikku Mononoke I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 9:47 pm


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