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 Possible Monetary System

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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

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PostSubject: Possible Monetary System   Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:40 pm

The proposed monetary system proposed in the following topic is simple on paper but may be a bit of work otherwise.

The monetary units are easy going from highest to lowest Platinum, Gold, Silver,Copper,and either in the form of coins or in the case of those with the spirit cellphone electronic funds.

The system for the interchange between the units is simple MMORPG and RPG in some cases 100 of the lowest tier equals a new tier.

Captain Commander set salary would be 56 platinum a month.
All other captains receive 27 platinum monthly
Each Squad through taxes will be allocated a voted upon amount of money.

Tax rate for all citizens holding a job in soul society is a set 5% (may be lowered to 2% during peace time or raised to 20% during war).
Due to the nature of squad 12 the technology and research division they will be give half of the total tax revenue.

Due to the nature of Rukongai all shop owners will receive 2 plat a week as a set salary.
Staff of said shop receive a daily wage of 2 gold plus anything they make in tips from shoppers.

shop prices are to be set by the shop owner and employees.

Shinigami Representatives and Lieutenants earn 13 platinum 50 gold weekly

Seats 3-5 weekly salary is 60 gold

seats 5-20 are paid weekly 40 gold

unseated earn weekly 10 gold

Special Groups like the Kidou Corps and Squad two's other job are paid 1 platinum weekly.

Bounties are awarded to those who actively hunt hollows and other notorious criminals.

Small Hollows are tagged with a bounty of 20 gold

Medium Hollows are tagged with a bounty of 60 gold

large hollows are tagged with a bounty of 80 gold

Menos Grande are tagged with a bounty of 3 platinum

Arrancars of a Espada's fraccion are given a bounty of 7 platinum

Arrancars of no affiliation are given a bounty of 6 platinum

Espada are tagged with a bounty of 20 platinum dead 55 platinum alive

Vasto Lords(hollow version) 50 platinum
Vasto Lords(arrancar Version) 80 Platinum

Rouge Shinigami of Captain level 45 platinum
Rouge shinigami of lieutenant 15 platinum
Rouge shinigami of seated or unseated levels 5 platinum

Saint Beasts(all) 20 platinum alive 15 platinum dead

Vizards 25 platinum alive (none dead)

Quincy 25 Platinum alive (none dead)

Powered Humans 25 Platinum alive (none dead)

Bount 25 platinum alive 45 if dead

mod souls 15platinum dead

Exiles(varies) 1 platinum dead 10 alive

Togabito(varies) 100 platinum dead 250 alive

all others (varies if wanted or not) 1 copper dead to 10 platinum dead, or 20 platinum if alive.

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mage master

mage master

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PostSubject: Re: Possible Monetary System   Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:02 pm


Gets my stamp of approval

For when member list increases naturally Very Happy

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Monetary System   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:03 pm

This looks awesome XP
I like this idea though not part of staff or anything

*hopinf for its approval from all the staff =D
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Monetary System   

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Possible Monetary System
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