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 Jun the Bunny Modsoul

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PostSubject: Jun the Bunny Modsoul   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:25 pm

~General Information~
Nickname/Alias: Mr.Bunny, white rabbit.
Age: unkown
Gender: male

~Character Information~
thes the rabbit on her side.

Clothing: wears a eyepatch on his left eye, tho Yoi often dresses him up in differnt costumes.
Personality:Jun while around nomral people does not talk, due to it freaking most people out...other wise he likes to talk alot....hes quite hot headed at times hiting Yoi for being to crazy.... then other times he trys to make her happy when shes crying, all and all.... he cares for Yoi and thats all that matter to him.

[Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Stangth and metal powers....
Special Power:
Jun is able to turn things into metal, including himself but nothing else that is living he can also remove the metal effect from things he placed on.... beisdes his metal power he is quite strong allowing

him to punch quite hard, enabling him to often to large amounts of damage to normal hollows with only a few hits...

~Powers~ (one special power shall be allowed for the Mod-Soul. i.e. limb transformation)


History/Background Story:

Jun Doesn't rember his past much, all he rembers it waking up one day in the body of a stuffed rabbit doll.... the only thing he could rember is a face of a woman wereing some type of white coat and that his

name was Jun.....but he became friends with a small girl tho she only thought of him as a toy still...not knowing what he realy was... tho he only would act alive only around the little girl.... he even

defended the little girl a few times when she was in danger, but one day he was found out by the girls mother spying on them after she had heard voices many times.... he was cased out of the house.....Jun

then wondered the land trying to figure out who he was...he often hid in houses with children hiding with there toys to not be noticed.....then one day he was discovered by a blacksmith, while first he thought he would be run off, the man was interested in him, they quickly became friends. this is when His powers of metal frist showed themselfs.... the man was going slow on a shipment of blades for a group of knights, the knights had become angry at him and ordered him to finish by the next day or be killed....the man worked all night but in the end fell asleep from working so much....feeling bad for the man he attempted to finish the job only to find that there was no more metal to work a fit of rage he hit a wooden training sword and was amazed as it turned into metal he figured out how to finish this order.....he quickly gathered up as many wooden swords he could find, and quickly started to carve into them the detials the knights wanted then, quickly turned them into metal....he worked the rest of the night.... when mourning came the blacksmith thought he was dead but when he entered his shop he would find many more swords had been made then when he was awake the knights came and took the swords and were vary happy with the strength of the blades and craftsmanship.....the man then turned to his small friend knowing he was the only one that would of known...after that Jun helped out the blacksmith....for years they helped each other.....then as the blacksmith grew old and Jun spent his last days with him then left......he wondered for a while intill himself in the wasteland of some moutianish contry... he wandered intill he found himself at a small cabin he wondered inside, as it looked like no one had been in it for years. he thought he would stay there for only a night then contiune his wondering. then he saw somthing a table as he got up on the table to look at it, he noticed it was a weird looking barlect and next to it was a note with his name on it.....he fliped it around to find instucions to take the barclet to a nearby cave....wondering on what was there he took the barlect and wondered off for the cave, when he reached it he was ambushed by a group of knights who were guarding the cave, not realy wanting to hurt anyone he quickly ran geting part way slashed on his left eye. as he ran it he saw somone in a cage, he sliped between the bars and pleded with her to save him, the knights finaly reached him, he felt like his life was over then all the sudden the girl spoke and the bracelet shattered turning into black sand quickly dispatching the knights.....the sand floated there for a while the girl seemly taking to it....tho it not talking back, while nothing that Jun could hear.....the girl then Picked jun up and left....Jun traveled with the girl, who he found out was named Yoi, and quickly became friends....they are now in japan looking for a home....

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mage master


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PostSubject: Re: Jun the Bunny Modsoul   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:29 pm


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
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Jun the Bunny Modsoul
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