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 Yoi the master of the Black sand

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PostSubject: Yoi the master of the Black sand   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:28 pm

~General Information~
Name: Yoi
Nickname/Alias: Witch of the black sand.
Weight: 95 lbs
Height:4''5 ft
Age: unkown

~Character Information~
Clothing: Yoi often wears many differnt costumes, depending on her mood, tho her favorite seems to be one of a school girl. she wears the one in the picture mainly when she knows shes going into

battle beforehand. she also often carrys her sword, when in public she hides it often in the form of a umbrella.
Personality:Yoi for the most part is crazy being very unstable for the most part, she is crazy, but is never is pure shade of crazy, somtimes seeing things or talking to things that are just not

there... other times will go into fits of crying or laughter.....then other times seemingly saying or doing things that just dont make sense, this is why often times she will just sit there in silance

often letting jun to do her talking....somtimes tho she can talk normaly tho its quite rare for her to do so... besides these factors she often sees her only friends being Jun and her Doll....

Doll Information~
Doll Name:Eisenpulver
Doll Sealed Form Eisenpulver when sealed takes the form of what looks like a black bracelet wich looks like a twin headed snake around her wrist , both ends curve to the middle back biting onto what

looks like a hourglass filled with black sand.
DollLook:Eisenpulver takes no true soild form, rather takes the form of of what looks like floating black sand, while in reality it is a metal powerder. Tho when it does want to talk to other people

besides Yoi, it will take a human like form, tho it often is differnt everytime it does it, and it also seems to have taken in some of Yoi's crazyness as somtimes the forms make very little sense.
Doll Power:
the dolls power is that is can take differnt forms and shapes for the situation required. the sand can also compact itself to form armor, or weapons. the poweder normaly only starts off as about a bucket

full when let out, but can get more by "eating" metal objects and convering it into more powder, or Yoi can feed it some of it engery tho it takes more engery to make poweder then just eating somthing


the powder can be destoryed, but phyiscal attacks arnt very useful in doing that task, requiring powerful engery attacks, also being metal it conducts electricity with can be harmful or useful depending on

how Yoi is using it at the time.

~Merge~Information~ (when the Bount merges with their doll)
Doll Look:
Doll Power: when fused they still are able to control the powder, some powders remands even after fusing allowing them to attack without having to find somthing metal to turn into the powder. in this

form her speed, strength are incressed she also can take more damage due to her armored stated also due to there fusing she is alot bigger, standing 7''6. When in this form even touching somthing metal will

cause it to brake down into powder( unless its somthing large, then only a area around the area touched will be transfomred.) she can still feed it her engery to make more powder tho she can now turn

objects made from Reishi into the powder as well. ( tho nothing like hollows or anything that is living...or whatevery you want to call it)
objects compressed from the powder are much stronger then in the first form enabling them to stop may more powerful attacks or attacking with much more power.

Skill Specialty: speed, her doll, and sword combat.

Name: Flash slash
InfoYoi can draw and attack with her sword with lightning speed, she often draws slashes and restheths the blade so quickly, it looks like she never even drew it....

History/Background Story:

Yoi a very long time ago was a normal girl, who loved her family and was loved by her family, but it was more then that, she was kept as a family secert.....hidden for generations she didnt think she was any differnt even as she watched her fellow family members age away and die........ that was intill a secert order of knights discovered this familys secert....they feared if they killed her darkness would befall them, so they took the girl and inprisioned her deep within a cave.... she stayed there alone, cold, and covered in darkness for years, only feeding on the one in a while soul that would mistakenly wander in.....being alone for so long slowly drove her mad... then one day there was sounds that were slowly making her way down the cave, then a small figure apeared runing into her prison cell, the figure what looked to be a small bunny doll with its left eye cut open. it pleaded for her to help that he was being cased, on his back he carryed a small braclet that seemed to call out for her, then as he begged knights slowly apeared run down the cave. as they reached the cell they told her to give them the doll, Yoi told them just sat there silent. after they waited for a short while they opened the cage ready to kill them both, Yoi spoke the first words that came to her head....Zeige Dich, Eisenpulver.....the braclet shattered into what looked like black sand and killed the knights, the sand floated around for a while, and spoke to her telling her what it was and what it was. Then after the small chat they had it formed back into the braclet around her wrist.....then she left along with Jun her new friend..... tho as she left she saw a cloaked figure, but before she could say anything or do anything it vanished.... Yoi lived her life by going from town to town living with familys that would take her in, not leting her be noticed by leaving after a few mouths. she contiuned doing this for years, with jun and her doll by her side. she started fightning hollows after notcing the strange creatures. she had fun fighting, and soon became almost a way of life for her hunting hollows.... she had traveled around the world intill making her way to japan, were she now is looking for a place to live....

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PostSubject: Re: Yoi the master of the Black sand   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:39 pm

looks quite fun


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Yoi the master of the Black sand
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