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 Six Four, the Marionette

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PostSubject: Six Four, the Marionette   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:04 am

~General Information~
Name: Six Four
Nickname/Alias: Spirit, Puppet
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Genderless

~Character Information~
Appearance: Six Four is in the body of a marionette. The marionette is the size of a young child, who might just have become a teenager. His eyes are wooden and light brown. Its face has no mouth, but does have a small nose and is likewise of a light brown color. The entire head is quite neat, making it seem like a normal face. It has thick wired hair coming from its head that reach all the way to its knees. The hair is of a darker brown than its body’s color. On its hands, it has only four fingers and both hands have a long string on the back of its hands attached. The fingers missing are the thumbs. The long strings are usually bound around the arms. At all the joints, the wood has more mechanical pieces to make it able to bend its arms, legs, and head. Only its torso cannot be bended forward or backward.

Clothing: Six Four wears goggles to hide its eyes, covered under its hair as well. Around its lower face, it wears a dark blue scarf to hide the position where normally the mouth is at. On its torso, it has a black shirt with extended sleeves that go over its hands to make them not noticeable. Over the shirt is a dark grey jacket without sleeves that is always hanging open. On its legs, it wears black jeans and wears small black military boots on its feet. All in all, it wears thick clothing to hide its true nature.

Personality: Six Four attempts to find a place to belong. It doesn’t really want exactly a ‘family’ or anything, but at least a position in life or some friends to belong with. It never really cared about genders and so allows anyone to refer to it as both ‘him’ and ‘her’. Due to its appearance, one is quick to be confused on its gender. Also it tends to wear a lot to hide the features that reveal it as a marionette, making it even harder to see whether the marionette was ever intended to be a male or a female.

Like a marionette, Six Four tends to be quiet and moves slow and quite stiffly. It always stands straight up and sits straight up, or it bends its entire body forward from the upper legs, making it seem like it is bowing to another. It is very polite and never shows much of ill intentions. It doesn’t like battle and all the competitive things either, but does find joy in a child’s happiness, which it gotten from its ‘grandfather’ as it would refer to its former owner.

~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Xylokinesis (Control & Manipulation of Wood/Trees)
Special Power: Six Four has the ability to control and manipulate wood. Though, when using trees, the smaller branches can move faster than larger branches, which are harder to control. Using its ability to manipulate wood, Six Four uses this ability mainly to create more marionettes.

Name: Xylokinesis
Range: Up to 40 metres.
Info Using its abilities, Six Four can make a tree more up to 40 metres away from it. Albeit weakly. It cannot control more than three trees at once and cannot move them very fast, so would either need a slow opponent or a dumb one that would rather attack a tree than its controller. When using its abilities on marionettes, it would be able to control about twenty marionettes its size. These move neither very fast, but much faster than a tree ever could. Especially if the joints are well made and as a woodcarver, Six Four has put its time in it.

History/Background Story: Six Four doesn’t truly know much of a past before it became a marionette. Apparently the ‘soul candy’ that contained its ‘soul’ was lost by a shinigami or something. At least, it thought this might be the case for it being where it was now. Having awoken as a marionette, it was in the home of a normal human. This had caused some difficulties at first, the old man never having seen a puppet move before and thought it was some sort of spirit.

Once things had been solved, for a part, Six Four learned a lot from the man. It never really considered itself as any gender, so had been referred to as both as ‘he’ and ‘she’ by people that came by. Whenever people came to the old man’s place, Six Four remained silent like a true marionette while during other days, it learned the art of making marionettes.

Its best work was making copies of its own marionette body and when the old man died, it left one of its puppets behind while leaving the house. Since then it had always started to wander and found its way to a man that named himself a Quincy. Having sensed the Mod Soul’s spiritual energy, the man had wondered what an Artificial Soul was doing here while not sensing a shinigami.

It spent the next few days with the Quincy and learned more about shinigami’s, hollows, and the spiritual world. However, the Quincy wanted to get rid of Six Four after less than a week and so Six Four continued to wander the world in search of a reason for its existence.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

The traffic lights turned to red when Six Four reached it, the marionette stood silently as it watched the cars pass by. Behind it, it could hear the other people there talk, there seemed to be a few curious glances its way due to it small size. Probably thinking it was a young child, or so Six Four thought, but couldn’t be bothered by it. These things happened regularly. It had gotten used to them. Its clothing was in a good state, unlike someone who would live on the streets, but it kept good care of it.

Then the lights turned green and Six Four started to move. While it moved across the street with the mass of people, it felt some things in the distance, after its meeting with the Quincy, it had gotten somewhat used to feeling spiritual energy. Perhaps it was an idea to look that area up, it didn’t really had that much else to do.

When at the other side, the marionette turned left and walked with the people further. It planned to get out of these more populated streets and on some streets where it could be alone. All the glances and people around it felt disturbing, still. It was best to find perhaps some more people that it could talk to. Maybe find a normal life.

When Six Four came to an allay on its right, it turned in a stiff move to its right and had to dodge one of the people that nearly jumped. The woman was surprised to see a ‘child’ suddenly turn like that, so Six Four did say an apology, “sorry,” its voice was quiet and due to its dark goggles, the woman couldn’t see whether the ‘child’ looked or not.

Without much of a second word, Six Four left the crowded area and went its own way into the empty allay. It felt somewhat more at peace when it was quiet, but it felt this was too quiet. Wandering there with some friends was better in its opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Six Four, the Marionette   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:09 am

looks good Very Happy


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Six Four, the Marionette
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