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 Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit)

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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

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Character sheet
Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)

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PostSubject: Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit)   Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 6:14 pm

~General Information~
Name: Masahi, Ito Sengo
Formal Title: Captain Masahi, Ito Sengo the Kenpachi
Former Titles: Shinsengumi Leader Masahi, Ito Sengo(while alive) Lieutenant Masahi, Ito Sengo(back when holding rank of squad 11 lieutenant)
Nickname/Alias: Ito, Sengo, Akumu, Kenpachi,Masahi(captain Masahi)
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 6ft 11.5 inches
Age: 513 actual,died at the age of 23, Visually is 44
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Appearance: A rouge like fellow in appearance, While certainly one to wear uniform, The uniform looks as if a Vagabond had worn it without ever actually bathing or taking it off. Clothing aside he's tall by traditional Japanese standards towering over many during his life time and even now at a staggering six feet eleven inches.Due to his own personal lifestyle as a Shinigami, and how he lived as a human his body is well built for pure combat. The Muscle however unlike those of a body builder are slender not really revealing the full underlying power of his physique. The overall complexion of his body is carved out and slenderly toned.

While certainly a warrior and proud to be one, it is his lazy manner of holding himself slouching in the mid back and walking slowly With his head half bowed causing the messy rather untouched hair to cover his face with its black strands. On the rare occasions he's standing at full his face shows the appearance of thin eyebrows set slightly above his eyes with a tilt to them giving a serious look. The eyes themselves are inset into his skull giving them a rather gaunt and ghoulish manner with even colder and nasty eyes themselves. The pupil a jade green that has a gleam in it as if ready to kill and a cold indifferent feel to them.

With all the normal things that people would notice the abnormal is that his body like the carved out muscle tone, is filled equally with scars from gashes running down his face diagonally to the left as if cutting it in two. To the deep sword marks covering arms, legs and chest with the most striking a scar that resembles a crater like gash in the middle of his spine on his back with a trailing scar leading off the the right. As if stabbed viciously and then cut partially in-half.
Clothing: Usually wearing if not always the standard Shihakushō, including its white shitagi, black kosode, hakama and white hakama-himo, tabi and waraji. Over which he also wears a rather torn up almost destroyed Kimono that is blood stained to the point its original color is a mystery. Aside from the standard dress and his own clothes that he doesn't part with he also wears the Haori of his division and a half destroyed lieutenant armband that was later replaced by a new one in the event a new lieutenant is appointed. The armband like the Haori is of the same division.

Personality: A varied individual, who despite having been dead for five hundred eleven years still is as laid back yet serious as when he was alive if not more so. When fighting he prefers to demolish anything around him if he can't do pinpoint attacks. With arguments he is usually one ignore the other either flat our or pretend. With arguments among his squad he simply resorts to the usually unruly brawling to settle things and add to his own personal training as well as the rest of the squads. But in most situations he has a level head despite the archaic approach he has to many things.

Enjoys others being around but not so much as to suffocate him doesn't really follow given orders if they clash with his own beliefs, but shows a strong loyalty to his squad to the point of keeping the decommissioned lieutenant armband of which was his previous post. As for the others in his squad in his own overly violent and brute like way he cares for them often drilling them in group combat as well as single encounter fighter usually as punishment or when one of the members loses a fight as he gets word of it. Of course being the fair person he is the entire squad that can be found is to train with the ones needing it. Doesn't trust anyone fully even his own squad and usually goes silent when his death is brought up.

Aside from the depressive silence he can occasionally enter into when stuck talking about something he doesn't want to recall to mind. He can show complete and utter disregard for personal safety and others when irritated enough to cause him to lash out full force. Doesn't turn down any fight that is asked of him no matter the odds and will always stand and fight even if on the verge of death. Can be a rather blatant ass when lectured, when drunk has the habit of picking fights and getting lost. To that respect he rarely drinks unless depressed or invited to a drinking party.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank:Captain of Squad 11
Division: Squad 11

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name:Karasu no joō (crow queen)

Zanpakutō Look: Normal Looking Blade(has never been seen or used as it can't be sealed)

Zanpakutō Transform look:Used to Look like a sealed Zanpakutō except with a invisible blade at the edge extending its reach to that of a Nodachi. Upon Utilizing it properly the blade is now shaped like a crows wing feather. With a black main body and streaks of Red and green running across the blade on each side to a large eye like figure below the guard that looked crudely etched into it. Rests in a sheath that is hand made to fit it by Ito. (Has Yet to be seen by the other Shinigami due to Ito hiding it in his Haori and using a spirit less Zanpakutō often given to academy students.)

Zanpakutō Power: Much like its original form it can Launch vorpal blades through the air for a short distance. However it no longer hides its reach which remains roughly the same regardless. When given the command Akuma no kyōen (Feast of Devils)the green and red streaks fill the etched eye causing the entire blade to glow a mixed green and red light. Increasing its ability to cut drastically while removing the ability to launch vorpal blades. The change however is permanent visually and original function wise with any calls of the command later activating the glow and the cutting power.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name:Kurayami no naka o shūgeki,Karasu no joō(Storming Darkness, Karasu no joō )
Bankai Look:With a explosion of black shards of feather from the blade itself the entire mess reforms into a slightly smaller blade of the same features as the Shikai while the excess fuses with his clothing forming a crimson,green and black samurai armor covering him head to toe in a monstrous visage that looks similar to his Zanpakutō's spirit.

Bankai Power:While using Bankai the shikai's cutting effect still remains, Increased however by the fact that any slashes stabs or other attacks done with the bankai when the command Batoru no shūen(Demise of Battle) is used Ito's reiatsu would peak out well above normal while the reiatsu aura would glow Black Red and Green covering his armor and the weapon in it. Of course the effect simply causes the blade to get sharper each time it sinks into another's flesh, while the armor instead of increasing Ito's defense increases his raw strength as the armor becomes more blood soaked.

Skill Specialty:Abnormally Massive Reiatsu,Permanent Shikai
Range:Himself in the case of Shikai, Himself and Others in the case of Reiatsu which can be felt all over soul society even when suppressed as far as Ito can hold it.
InfoPermanent Shikai is simply that it stays as is since Ito doesn't care to seal it or can't in all possibility. His reiatsu at base is dangerous to normal humans, in combat without utilizing his real power its dangerous to academy students and Humans, In combat at full shikai low rank Shinigami would find it hard to be anywhere near him, In combat at full Bankai normal humans, Konpaku, academy students and unseated Shinigami with low reiatsu would be crushed to death by it. At his absolute max even captains would be effected by it in some manner with varying results.

Skill Specialty:Advanced User of Hoho
range: Varying(shunpo) 10ft Senka, 15ft Utsusemi
Info:Capable of hoho techniques except secret ones,and master techniques such as Shunko.

Skill Specialty:Speed,Strength (100% of the Bodies natural Talent able to be utilized without issue)
Name:Heaven and Earth Swordsmanship Style
Info:Lets Ito use his body physically to its utmost potential with all his muscles working at 100% capacity. Compared to the average person able to only use about 65-80%.(the previous list of attacks was cumbersome and redundant since they where hard to change so this encompasses his entire human style)

Skill Specialty:Mastery of Zanjutsu and Hakuda
Name: Current Holder of the Title Kenpachi
Info:The seasoned and veteran elite of physical combat, holder of the title Kenpachi for both his Zanjutsu and Hakuda.

Skill Specialty:Improvised Strategic Mind
Name:Planning on the spot
Info:Ito unlike most fighters has been doing it so long that ideas and plans come easy to him in the middle of fighting.

Skill Specialty:Master At Arms,War Strategics
Name:Veteran of Battle
Info:While not usually one to use other weapons Ito is familiar with most blades and blunt weapons and is able to use them effectively. Outside of combat is able to plan assaults based on reports and Commonly use tactics, in combat often employs terror tactics to unsettle opponents.

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc:Taking place in the times before modern day Tokyo and in the warring states period in Edo. Ito Masahi was born to a rather long line of samurai. During the period as Ito grew up he learned both how the world around him worked through rigorous combat training to prepare him for his station in life. As well as more refined though seldom used grace of traditional ceremony, ranging from proper sitting and drink of tea to the more serious matter of burials and honoring ones family name. While certainly one eager to learn anything and everything Ito lacked the attention span to really care for many of the refined methods and rarely if ever attended ceremonies not fit for a warrior as he usually put it.

The attitude he had was perfect for a warrior but not so much for a noble of which his birth right proclaimed him a nobleman samurai. Instead of following along with his families traditions by being a retainer for the clan head he set out into the world to make his own name and shortly after took up Sengo as his proper last name and delegating his family to his middle despite the odd manner of how he wrote it using it as his last visibly. However his adoption of the Sengo name wasn't on a whim but instead a sign of respect for the man who later would teach him the very style of combat he would later employ as a Hitokiri for the Bakumatsu war that was brewing.

His master with the gentle manners and kindness of a wild-boar beat each and every technique into his body so that even if he could not remember them with his brain his body would react on its own if given the right stimulus. Luckily for Ito he learned the techniques in both manners allowing him their use on command though he was given warning to never use the higher arts unless ready to die due to the strain they would put on his body at the time. After completing his long arduous training he signs on for the war effort as a Hitokiri mercenary. Through many skirmishes and clashes with others his name spreads quickly as a monster on the open battlefield.

As however the war grew on he made a active commitment and joined one of the most famous groups of Hitokiri Samurai during the era the Shinsengumi. During which time he was given the room to improve and further his name to the point the public attached to his name their own personal title Ito Sengo the Akumu. However despite his fame eventually he was killed, in a manner that was odder than many of his comrades. His wife was the person who did him in during the night two days before the end of the war, she ran him through with his own blade attacking his unguarded back in his sleep and cutting him partially in half.

After Death Arc:After his wife murdered him in his sleep Ito found himself perplexedly floating above his corpse. The event while shocking and insulting to him had him even more confused as he had no idea why his wife would be angry enough to kill him. After giving up on thinking on his fault that resulted in his death he attends his ow wake and funeral out of curiosity of how others would react to his demise. Not being surprised in the slightest that the only turn out was his former comrades that where still alive and that they said little to nothing merely giving their respects before going about their own lives.

On the very same day as his funeral a passing Shinigami finds him and questions him a great deal before forcefully dragging Ito to Seireitei and dropping him off in the nearest Rukongai district before leaving. Confused even more Ito wanders about the Rukongai districts farthest parts. His attitude still remained as it did in life and as such any and all who picked fights with him usually got one regardless of the area around them. Resulting in bloody brawls in the middle of the streets through almost every district Ito visited. The constant state of conflict and threat to his very soul created the sleeping Reiatsu inside of him to well up to the surface and explode. Resulting in the first change of many his clothing turning into a Shinigami outfit and a sword materializing in his hand. Despite the changes however he had no special powers beyond his fighting techniques in his living form.

The changes did make life worse for Ito as not only did the local thugs actively try and kill him so to did many other creatures ranging from other Shinigami without rank who mistook him for a rouge, and hollows who managed to get into to Seireitei trying to eat him for a meal. In the case of most he fought them off until able to escape,except for the few cases where he did his all to cripple or kill his would be attacker. As the complaints against him continued to pile up a team of Shinigami where dispatched to his residence in the middle regions of the Rukongai and upon discovering Ito questioned him many times before escorting him to the academy Shinigami hopefuls attended. Giving him the options of death or enroll and conduct himself more peacefully.

Being one that rarely turns down a challenge he enrolls and quickly finds kidou classes to be over his head. To the point that the idea of such a thing seemed silly. The attitude he had with the kidou instruction was such that he easily failed out of every course for it even the remedial. His attention was set simply on the Zanjutsu and Hakuda classes as well as battle strategy and tactics. In the span of ten years he passed every course relating to those that interested him and was given his squad and seat placement test. To which he participated in live combat against both the third seat and lieutenant of squad eleven both of which he had personally challenged. His bout with the two different seats left him exhausted and tired and earned him the fourth seats position.

Upon his placement he was given missions after missions to fight hollows to the point he rarely had time to rest. Though after another four years or so he would challenge the lieutenant again in single combat and take the position of lieutenant for himself, Though sparing the lieutenants life since he didn't feel like killing him. Resulting in the former lieutenants retirement from active duty, which effectively left Ito as the second in command of the most unruly of squads. The position offered him many more missions and even chances for training with his captain.

Things of which he took advantage of as much as he could. During his breaks he learned how to converse with his Zanpakutō learning many things of which he couldn't access before. Twenty years pass as he maintain his momentum of learning eagerly when he hits the first brick wall in overcoming the power gap between him and his captain. Bankai while Ito had learned it during the same year he had yet to effectively use it in actual combat. With a promise to himself he repeatedly challenged his captain using his Bankai's power for nearly two hundred years he repeated the same challenges over and over. Fifty years pass after the constant challenges with Ito doing personal training alone against hollows and his Zanpakutō's spirit. Until he challenges his captain again with the confidence to take his position the challenge started in the early morning. But despite the lack of attendance it wasn't long until the fights ruckus cause many of the other squads to flock to the scene.

The battle raged for several days neither side giving way until of course Ito unleashed his Bankai's actual power. The destruction it caused was enormous destroying the entire squad eleven barracks and office. The fight continues on until the former captain in a bide for recovery backs away only to have Ito cripple him with Senka. With his Bankai still actively nearly killing the captain instead of crippling him. Shortly after the battle and much more paper work and the repairs Ito's former captain dies from the excessive wounds sustained from Ito's Bankai, Senka combo. Resulting in Ito's promotion to Captain and soon after suspension from duty as part of punishment along with cleaning up and paper work for the mess he caused. After coming off suspension and finishing the clean up and repairs Ito settles down and leads the average Captain life training himself and the squad to ensure they all stated in tiptop shape in the event of war or other outbreak of violence.

During the years up until the present aside from constantly doing missions and training, Ito has developed his old fighting style to work with Zanjutsu even more and even created a new technique of which he has yet to use on anything out of fear the side effects would effect him to harshly.

Captain Life Arc:While constantly battling against eager Captains and other beings, Ito continued his own secret and personal training. When not doing paper work or hanging around others he was no where to be found in soul society at least no where anyone would look. During his time training he continually improves his power both reiatsu and physical. While reaching his bodies clearly defined maximum it could ever achieve in such area's in a span of two years. The constant fights and tests with his Zanpakutō's spirit results in him learning after a rather long time the real power of such .
While not being able to seal his sword back to how it was after unleashing its full shikai form for the first time. He hides the weapon when around others inside his Haori and uses a fake blade in its place that was made to look exactly like his original shikai's form.

Ito's reason behind hiding his weapon was due to the strange form it had become and he was unsure of how to use it properly. While still using it in secret when training as heed to Kiyen's boast of doom to soul society. It wouldn't be until later that he would reveal the blade to the others. However despite the strange change in his Zanpakutō, Ito remains as aggressive as ever in the effort to recruit new Shinigami to his squad. As well as aggressive and ready to fight his fellow captains for extra training and to see just how far along he was getting.
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mage master

mage master

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Character sheet
Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)

Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit)   Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit) I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 10:56 pm

zanpakuto is quite different Laughing

but... yea why not Wink


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Masahi,Ito Sengo (Revised and Updated a bit)
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