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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

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PostSubject: Rukongai Patroll (open)   Rukongai Patroll (open) I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 9:07 pm

Ito with a yawns sets off walking through the streets of the Rukongai district looking as usual vicious, unruly, and unkempt. With a normal looking blade resting on his shoulder he walks about quietly keeping his eyes set for anything out of the ordinary.While staying as far from the inhabitants he can during the process as he continues making his rounds.

"There really isn't anything going on recently,"Ito mutters letting the plain blade fall to the ground and scrape along behind himself. Tilting his head back he sighs "I still haven't met squad eights captain, met everyone else though at least,"he says opening his haori and looking at his real zanpakutou.Closing the Haori he shrugs and continues about his patrols.

Occasionally stopping to break up a group of thugs or stop a fight his eyes continue to scour the areas he visits in effort to make sure his duty was done right. While also on the look out for potential candidates for the academy though in a less forceful way as he wouldn't drag them to it.

With a final look around district fifty Ito sits down on a rock near a roadside taking a break and relaxing. Staring up at the sky above him watching the clouds "Today is peaceful, to peaceful I don't like it, its too boring when its this peaceful, I was raised through combat and war how am I supposed to survive in peace filled times like these,"Ito says complaining loudly mostly to himself. Which was kind of funny while he enjoyed peace he also enjoyed war and combat equally. Making for a rather unique warmonger compared to most, but nonetheless a warmonger either way.
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Rukongai Patroll (open)
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