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 Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor

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PostSubject: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:05 pm

Full Name: Fujisen Arakasi
Alias: the kidou demon
Age Of Appearance: 30
Real Age:about 569
Gender: Male
Current Residence: unknown

Relationship status: Single
sexuality: Straight

Squad Number:
rank: Captain of 5th commander of kidou corps
former 12th squad member
former: 5th squad
Organization: The Kido corps


Likes: Reading, inventing, reasearching.
Disslikes: false people, to fight, fish

Goals: Becoming one of the most famous inventors and scienticst in soul societies history. To be able to return to soul society and his loved one day
Fears: to lose those that he care about

Is a thinker and easy disappears in thoughts, often about Kidou technology and similar. It has made many to consider him as a social, even if he’s not. He prefers however to be alone in his house studying or working on some invention, even if he don’t have anything against to be out, he just forgets time when he starts working with something. Even when he is outside of his house he prefers to keep in the background. Listening and analyzing before acting. And you rarely notice him in a room unless he speaks. he also don’t likes to fight

In combat
The times he actually has to fight he often have the entire situations planned out well in advance. Arakasi is a very patient combatant, taking in every detail of his opponent’s strategy and abilities, and is a genius at determining an opponent’s capabilities and preferred method and when it comes to form strategies and methods to better combat a particular opponent. He’s very quick at adapting if something unforeseen would happen that would ruin his plans however it rarely does. He also never shows any sign of alarm or distress and keeps calm in the harshest and toughest situations.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'2 feet
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: White.
Tattoos/scars he have tattoos on his left and right arm.

Clothing: Appears to be wearing a black turtle neck with a white dress shirt over it the shirt has a golden rimed collar, the gold trim is also going down the front of the shirt. There are at the collar on both sides small swirls of gold that come out of it, Two brackets come down and fasten the collar together but connected to them is a blue gray string. from the string hangs a crystal that at each end is incased in gold wire to hold it in place. The sleeves of his shirt are black but seem to fade to grey the sleeves come to a black point ending just where his fingers begin. On top of each sleeve there is 2 thin sky blue belts whose fasteners are a gold color. The right sleeve appears to have a vine pattern traveling down it the meaning of this only Arakasi knows.
He is also wearing a white vest the vest has a trim sky blue in coloring and looks like it comes to for a belt of the same color. On the right side of the front there is what looks like a vine pattern.
around his waist he appears to have a purple belt part of which is braided. He carries a pair of light grey pants with boots that comes up to mid shin and are held together by black with bands of sky blue and white



Traveling clothes
A simple white cloak hold together by buckles that’s easy to remove so the cloak wont be in the way in combat.


A variant with a hood. Its very simple and brown unlike the other one
It will completely cover his face and body and hide his reiryoku/reitsu.


Early Years
Arakasi was born in the soul society to the name Fujisen Arakasi the second born son of a noble family, his mother died giving birth to him and his father was a harsh and strict man so Arakasi was basically raised by his older brother, Haji. Haji was born prodigy a brilliant scientist and incredible fighter he could rival a captain of the gotei 13. Haji learned his younger brother everything he knew and it was soon proved that arakasi was very intelligent and shared his brother’s interest for science, and haji even told him that he wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed him one day. Even at that young age Arakasi excelled at Kido and Haji encouraged him.

Haji also encouraged him to train shunpo and held those lessons himself for his younger brother. Arakasi continued his studies becoming a master in shunpo and skilled with Kido far beyond his years, spending almost all day either training his shunpo or being in the library learning more about Kido or in the laboratory with his brother. Their uncle who was a shinigami did come and visit them often and told Arakasi about the shinigamis and was very proud over their development. Due to the duties he had as the captain over 5th squad he never stayed for long. For years he trained with his brother and uncle. Sadly their father died 894 years old and haji took over as the head of the family Due to being the older brother. It was around this time arakasi decided to join the shinigami academy

Academy years
At the academy the teachers immediately noticed what arakasi father and uncle had that he had a natural talent for kido. He also showed great skills when it come to shunpo he did however lack Greatly when it come to zanjutsu. arakasi spent almost all of his spare time in the libraries in soul society reading or at the mansion with his brother training and by the time he graduated he was atleast a decent zanjutsu user. He left the Academy with top grades in only two years time.

Shinigami years
he joined the 4th squad where he after being there for three years became a ranked officer due to his great kidou skill he had quickly learned how to use healing kidou. It was also shortly after he joined 4th squad he learned his zanpakotus name which further increased his powers and let him access shikai. After releasing his shikai once and nearly kill a comrade he swore to don’t use it again until he mastered it. Every day every chance he got he did go to some private place to train and to communicate with his zanpakotu spirit and mastered his shikai in a surprisingly short time. After mastering it he became a seated officer shortly after. He was in 4th squad for over two decades. Learning many healing kidous and developed a few kidou of his own, both healing and more offensive and defensive ones. After being there for so long he felt that he had emptied the possibilities that 4th could offer. During his time in 4th squad he also joined the kidou corps.

He went to the captain and asked for a transfer and for a letter of recommendation. She said she had noticed that he seemed restless and that his personality wasn’t really fitting for a healer. Using that and showing his skills as a inventor he got a place in the 12th squad. He spent many years working there. While he was a part of 12th squad he helped in creating many new inventions and did even invent some for his own personal use. Despite him being a good invention it was soon evident that his true skills lay with kidou and as such he once again transferred squad this time he transferred to the 5th squad. He quickly became a seated officer based on his earlier resumes and his vast kidou skills, Most probably thought he would get special treatment since he was the nephew to the current 5th squad captain they was wrong as the matter of fact the captain was even harder on arkasi than on the other squad members. He meditated each day to materialize his zanpakotu spirit and succeeded in achieving bankai, giving him access to even more abilities. He was promoted to lieutenant and later captain for the 5th squad when his uncle retired. After being captain for about 3 years all changed. A shinigami approached him notifying him on that his brother had died probably murdered.

His brother’s death and the aizen incident
To uphold the stability and balance he was asked to take over as the leader of the fuijinsen family. It was soon evident that he really hadn’t got the proper education on how to run a noble house but as the advisors soon noticed he was a quick learner. In only 4 months time he had learn almost everything he needed to know to rule the fujinsen clan He was also introduced to a proper fiancé for a arranged marriage that would benefit the fujinsen family a girl named Elena at first things dident work out for them but the more they meet the more they realized that they liked each other and it wasent long before they could be seen together almost wherever they did go everything was well. The affairs of the clan bloomed under his ruling he had a fiancé.

Elena and arakasi traveling to a dinner they got invited to by another noble family.

Assasination attempt.
Everything would change when he became the target for a assassination attempt and the culprit was no other than a very old servant to the family. Arakasi survived the assassination attempt but it costed him his left eye. Elena never left his sick bed during his recovery.
Sadly the guards killed the servant before he got a chance to interrogate him but a few weeks later he found out who was behind the murder on his brother and who had convinced the servant to assassinate him and the culprit was taken care of. He also started working on a invention to replace his eye and after many hours spent in the laboratory he succeeded.

Arakasi in his lab working on the artificial eye

He also got back to more active shinigami duties but. not in a squad he focused all his time and energy into kidou corps working his way up. Wich due to his extreme skills in kidou helped him to become 3rd seated officer

(to put it shortly he was a 3rd seat officer in kidou corps in the turn the pendelum arc and when hachi and tessai dissipeard and he stepped up becoming the new kidou corps commander

Then information on the aizen incident reached him and he left the shadows of the kidou corps and then rejoined the 5th squad that was in chaos. Although he never officially got appointed captain again he pretty much ruled over the squad during this incident since hinamori seemed to be to upset with aizen proving to be a traitor. Hinamori became his lieutenant once again and all seemed well. He was however not participating in the winter wars fighting against aizen due to that he had been ordered to protect Soul society just in case that azien would succeed with his plans.

We won
After everything was solved and aizen was imprisoned all seemed well. The captains responsible for aizens defeat were promoted to royal guards or retired. Despite not having doing much Arakasi was also offered this spot but said no to it thinking of his duties as head of the fuijinsen clan. He never actually left soul society much during those years and protected soul society doing his duties as a captain. He also on his free time returned to the manor Mostly to be with Elena but also to the lab in the basement where he conducted experiments after putting up layers of barriers. During this time he also married Elena.

XX years after aizens defeat
At a time he had begun researching on how to give more power to the members of soul society and that was the base idea when he invented the Tensei (転生, Transmigration of Souls). Realizing what he had created he hid the invention away in a sealed vault in his lab in his mansion.

Theese days
During his time now as kidou corp commander and captain over 5th squad they have more or less becoming one just like Onmitsukidō and 2nd squad have.

Fighting Style
Strength Kidou, speed, agility
Weakness Hakuda, Zanjutsu physically weak.
general fightning style Combining his speed with devious invention and his kidou knowledge.

Other: Some info bout the staff he is wearing
a kyōtei is an extremely rare form of weaponry that is commonly made into the form of a monk staff, but can be made to look more exotic should the recipient wish for it to appear as such: the kyōtei are one of the few known spiritual weaponry which expands on the weilders own spiritual energy so as to allow them to cast more powerful spells and use more advanced techniques without it affecting their wellfare, Arakasi's kyōtei is known to be especially powerful as it is described to have almost the same level of spiritual energy that he himself does - making him capable of fighting against much more powerful opponents and bypass his normal weaknesses

~RP sample~
ha a perfect night for hunting at this late hour it was usually only homeless people that was out. Sure normal humans hadent much power he could take but sometimes they could suprise there was suprisingly many that had slumbering powers, and then of course it was the hollows this town seemed to be filled to the brim with them one of the reasons why he had opened up his store here by feeding on hollows he had manage to keep his existance a secret so far snd he intented to do so still. A howl was heard not so far from where he had made his apperance a hollow right on time and judging by the spiritual power a little more powerful one tol Looking around to make sure no one did see him he opened a hole in the ground and dissipeard.

To reappear just a few meters from the hollow. oh it wasent one hollow it was several allthough most of them was just low life. purple spheres appeard around him and flied towards the weaker hollows incinirating them. That got the stronger hollows attention. and it howled at Arakasi who just stood there calmly As it charged towards Arakasi it seemed like he dissipeard just to reapear on the hollows back and said calmly
"you seems to be a strong one but you aint very smart are you"
he stabbed his cane through its neck beginning to absorb its power. when the hollow was gone he simply landed on the ground looking around again to make sure no one had seen him before continuing to stroll through the park just like a normal human would do

~Other Techniques~
I use the system beginner intermediate and advanced meaning advanced is the highest talent level.
I also color the personal info bout the diffrent types in description red
the personal techniques he developed are in green text.


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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:11 pm

oh go on then

looks fun


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:22 pm

Custom Technique


Custom Kido Application

Unique Kidō
During his time in the Fourth Division, Arakasi worked on and completed several unique Kidō which he began using for healing purposes. As his life went on, he developed several other kidō techniques both offensive and defensive. He has proven himself highly capable of using them at their full potential. One of his hobbies is to think up and even create new and powerful kidō, though he often makes them in preparation for certain fights.


Arakasi’s mastery of Kidō is not only general. Arakasi have been able to master five spells completely, and as such he's been able to device powerful variations to them - in addition to their power being increased immensely respectively. The spells are listed in perfect order.

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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:23 pm

New invention Application


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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:31 pm

Zanpakuto Information
Name: Enigma
Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance:
his sealed zan looks like this however no one have seen it since he implanted it in his own body something that nearly took his own life.
Zanpakuto Spirit Apperance:
Spirit information: Arakasi and Enigma are very closely connected. In battle the two seem to be in perfect harmony, which adds to their performance in combat. They talk in Arakasi’s inner world very often, which boosts their relationship with one another. Arakasi has made the comment that, in a sense, Enigma is his closest confident and most trusted companion. She also seems to like cherry blossoms for a reason unknown to arakasi
Inner World: Arakasis inner world keeps changing since his spirit use the runes to create different environment depending on what mood he is on or what arkasi is training at the moment. But most often it takes the shape of a forest of cherry blossom.
Release Phrase:
Shikai Appearance: A very complicated tattoo patter that Covers his back and wraps around his shoulders and arms seemingly to merge with the other tattoo on his arms, as well as his thighs. It also wraps itself to his sides and just barely onto his abdomen, it continues down to his knees. This tattoo takes on a Silvery crimson color. the staff he carries is also covered in runes in this form.
Shikai Overall Ability:You could say Arkakasis Zanpakotu is tri parted and revolves around 3 different areas

Seals/kanji: The pen is mightier than the sword this proves that the old saying is true. The kanjis are used mostly to seal away things like items attcks and even people. Unlike runes that are spoken or sometimes written kanjis are only written. And used for seals or barriers.

Runes/glyphs: Using runes/glyphs to create various effects. These effects can be from simply creating a fire ball or causing time to stop in a certain area. He also uses his knowledge of runes and glyphs to make various seals that can reverse one's energy flow, seal it or in some cases cause it to turn on it's owner, or even be used as a bombs.
These are also used to give his ritual circles different effects or simply applied to various clothing weapons and items to give them new or improve their current abilities. Unlike kanjis runes can also be spoken, but their effect is doubled if they are written

Ritual circles: the circles are the base for his rune and ritual abilities but also posess some abilities of their own without him adding kanjis or runes to them. They are however best for support other in his team but this don’t mean that it should be underestimated in a one on one fight..

Bankai Name: Enigma
Bankai Appearance: As u can see he undergoes a major transformation in Bankai when it comes to clothing
Bankai Overall Ability:
In bankai the Abilities of his shikai increases. He also gains a whole new lethal ability by combining the three from his shikai this ability is a area of effect one and is called
Enchantment by combining two of his zanpakotu abilities Arakasi is able to enchant areas by surrounding them with magic runes and kanjis. Whoever steps into the enchantment is forced to comply with rules that user has set up beforehand. Due to the nature of his power, his enchantments are more suited for traps than actual combat. He cannot make a rule that will kill everyone inside the enchantment. He can however put the condition that if two persons enter the enchantment they cant leave until one of them are dead or immobilized unable to fight. As these rules don't need to be said aloud unless Arakasi wish's to tell them at the last second, giving him a slight edge in combat. He can write these runes with his mind, fingers, or even his blade to create more rules, if he so happens make another rule in the same area as another rune, the new rule is added to the old rules Also Anything that has the power to manipulate/destroy space or time, can not happen when in the dome, this blocks use of Garganta as a example. in this version he cannot change the surroundings however he can make several enchantments

He also have a stronger version called the arc of embodiment
in this version he can only Create one Enchantment however its several times stronger than the other one and there is nearly no limit to how big he can do it allthough he is limited to one dome. the rules in his old enchanment applies here to the diffrence is that in this version he can also alter the surroundings. He can change the sky with the ground, the buildings with water, truly anything in his dome can be change and formed at his whim. He can form traps and give a great edge in battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:39 pm



Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
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PostSubject: Re: Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor   

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Fujinsen Arakasi The kidou emperor
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