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 Squad 2 Barracks

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mage master

mage master

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PostSubject: Squad 2 Barracks   Tue May 24, 2011 4:20 pm

squad 2 barracks

Shin Karasu

Vice Captain:
Sora Haruka Tenou

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PostSubject: Re: Squad 2 Barracks   Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:59 pm

As the light from the setting sun streamed into the Captains' office of the Second Division, the tall, masculine woman stood and stretched a bit. She smirked slightly, hearing and feeling her stiff joints pop and crack. Her emerald gaze was fixed upon the papers upon the desk. Leaning against it with her hip, the short-haired woman rifled through them with one thin, tapered hand. Yes, all reports, files, and forms were there and accounted for. Straightening up, she gained a more solid balance, before picking up the thick stack of paperwork. Shuffling it together evenly, she moved over to the filing cabinets placed against the wall. Opening each drawer in order of where the papers belonged, she sorted through and placed them away.

Once this had been finished, the tall woman moved back to the desk, and pushed in the chair. No, she wasn't the Captain, but her position was interesting. She was the Vice-Captain officially, but more unofficially, she was the substitute Captain. As her Captain would only be present for meetings or missions, she was left with all other duties. Personally, this worked out well for her. She had all the power of the Captain nearly all the time, and when her Captain was present, she could do more solo work and sharpen her own skills without having to worry too much about her subordinates. Now, she did like to lead in battle, but preferred to work on her own if she could. This was one or the main reasons she had joined the Second Division and Onmitsukido - she did the leading when needed, but could just as easily do her own thing when she wished.

Moving over to the sliding doors, the kesen-uniform-clad woman leaned against the wood frame. She watched as the sun set, and wondered silently why it had been so quiet around the division lately. Her emerald eyes gleamed slightly, calculatingly, and her androgynous face became blank of emotion. As she stood there, seemingly only contemplating the sunset, but her mind whirring, something which would have been concerning came to light. Half turned as she was, her torso was angled into the sun, while her hips and legs faced forwards. The way she stood the way she turned, the skin across her ribs tightened - and each became visible. Though this was so even when she didn't attempt to contort her body, now it was very pronounced. Sher shoulders, too, stood out starkly, as did her collar bones.

These were the merely obvious ones, as were her sharp, hawk-like cheekbones. Thought it couldn't be seen, her hips protruded sharply as well. A feeling caught her notice, then. She felt the reiatsu, She didn't react overtly, in face, if one hadn't been watching her closely, one would never know she knew she wasn't alone. Only her gaze flicked momentarily, before once again settling upon the sinking disk of flame. The dark-haired woman otherwise gave no other sign that she knew of the other's presence. However, her muscles did tense slightly, tightening the Vice-Captain's armband about her right bicep just a touch.

She said nothing, waiting for her companion to speak first.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad 2 Barracks   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:41 pm

Shin the squad 2 captain was walking the grounds of the squad 2 barracks his hood on which was his self designed captains haori which was grey instead of the usual white but kept the orange color on the inside and the symbols on the back and his goggles covering his green animal slit eyes. He kept his hands in his pockets as he walked the streets his Zanpakto strapped to his side. Shins vision settled on the sun setting the goggles reflecting the bright but dull light it showed. He stopped for a second and continued to walk the grounds until his sight was caught on his captains office to see a figure standing in the doorway. This person intrigued Shin he still hasnt met all the officers under his command and hasnt even met his liutenant yet all he knew was her name was Sora Haruka Tenou and this person standing in his office intrigued him.

Shin vanished instantly and reappeared near the entrance but out of her sight and approached the entrance. Shin yawned slightly revealing his position to the figure standing there. Shin slightly noticed the liutenants badge around her biscep and it turned out to be the person he was needing to meet. "hmm so youre my liutenant, its nice to meet you miss Sora" shin said in a dull tone as he removed one of his hands from his pocket and rubbed the back of his head as he waited for a reply from his liutenant.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad 2 Barracks   Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:36 pm

Emerald eyes contemplated her Captain for a moment. Then, the woman nodded slightly. She didn't do so in any disrespectful manner, but merely in a bit of a distant one. Her androgynous face showed no emotion, but her posture relaxed just slightly. Though this was the first time she had met her Captain face-to-face, he seemed like a decent enough man. From what little she knew, at least.When she spoke, her voice was all but unreadable, but again carried no tone of disrespect. She was merely a distant person, and her words, tone of voice, and mannerisms reflected this. Her voice was also a slightly low alto pitch, giving it a rather masculine quality to it.

"Yes, sir. I am your lieutenant. Therefore, though I know it need not be said, I take it that you are my Captain, sir Shin?" She knew that it was a bit redundant to say what she had, but she felt that it needed to be said anyways. A slight spark of curiosity had lighted in her emerald eyes. This man - her Captain - intrigued her. Of course, being the person that she was, this curiosity she held could never amount to anything more that simple interest. After all, it could only distract either of them should even so much as a friendship form, and that was the last thing she supposed either of them needed as or not. A distraction could easily get someone killed, and though she would have liked to be Captain, she would probably end up hating herself she had been the reason her Captain was dead.

Though, with all of that being said, her lesbianism wouldn't allow for much of a friendship anyways, Sora thought with an internal smirk, though her outward appearance remained emotionless and blank.
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PostSubject: Re: Squad 2 Barracks   

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Squad 2 Barracks
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