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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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 Attack of the Beasts

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PostSubject: Attack of the Beasts   Attack of the Beasts I_icon_minitimeThu May 26, 2011 7:14 pm

(OOC: to get things moving)

an uneventfull evening passes in the soul society all is calm and peacefull and it get's dark. in the middle of the night an alarm sounds alerting all to an on-coming attack. each shinigami getting into a battle ready position

All squads exiting the barracks look up each of them has a portal opening above them with all kinds of beasts and hollows exiting them and attacking areas of each squads barracks. the battle that followed was bloody. Many of the less experienced shinigami lost their lives durring the first wave of attacks

as each wave of attacks came from the portals above higher level shinigami were called forth to take down these hollows and beasts seated officers and the like were protecting the lower level shinigami and carving their way through thousands of foe's.

As the final wave struck they were fewer in number but alot more powerful. Durring this attack the Captains of the squads stepd in, going straight to bankai to take care of as many as possible and also save their subordinates.

the captains outnumbered about 50 to 1 were making short work of these higher levels, some of them being more powerful than others. This seen one of the captains loosing their life durring this attack.
Seaas, captain of squad 13 using his shunpo chases an enemy into Mizu's (squad 10) Aqua Dragon durring the battle. Alas the beast along with seaas were both fried and killed due to the shere force of the electricity within Mizu's Dragon.

Shortly after the last of the beasts were killed off voices could be herd echoing throughout the soul society. stating that the Saint beasts have arrived and that the shinigami should be wary of them. after the anouncement the portals above each barracks closed and the squads spring into action to repair the damage

the next day a captains meating was held anouncing that this problem must be solved. squad 12's science devision is to work on getting to the other side to these Saint Beasts and squad 11 to keep security detail.
Announced a short while later it is announced that the second squads captain has died from the injuries sustained from the prior battle with the hollows and beasts. leaving the lieutenant as acting captain for that squad.

Now the entire soul society requires rebuilding aswell as protection from future attacks. The science devision came up with a device to prevent the portals from opening but this technology is not guranteed to work if they do open again.

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Attack of the Beasts
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