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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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 Naruto: UzuChia Rpg 2.0

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PostSubject: Naruto: UzuChia Rpg 2.0   Naruto: UzuChia Rpg 2.0 I_icon_minitimeTue May 31, 2011 4:46 pm

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Naruto: UzuChia Rpg 2.0 Q5jype1306637536


It was final, the daimyos had been killed. The shinobi villages were sick of standing down to them, they had no power, they had no strength. But now, the Hidden Villages would have a Shinobi as their highest leader. Each of the Villages took over the country, thus creating the following; Konoha no Kuni, Suna no Kuni, Kiri no Kuni, Iwa no Kuni, and Kumo no Kuni.

The Minor Villages were destroyed, their Shinobi had to relocate to the Country that oversaw them in the past. Most were welcomed with open arms. Others, killed on the spot. But tensions grew as Konoha no Kuni grew more powerful than it already was, gaining more land that was once unknown, and expanding it's borders. A failed attempt on the murder of the Hokage by Kumo no Kuni, launched the Countrys into war. And this time, it was all for one and none for all.

Iwa no Kuni. Now said to be the only place safe for civilains to live. The Rock Country has stayed out of the way of the war for over a year now. But it wasn't ountil the violent attack from Kiri no Kuni that did it. The attack killed most of the Shinobi Army stationed in the Captial Village of Yari no Hashira along with countless bystanders. The Tsuchikage remained alive but critically injured. If it wasn't for the help of the Konoha no Kuni's medics, he wouldn't of survived.

It was because of that attack that Iwa no Kuni was launched into the war. They quickly made the first alliance with Konoha no Kuni. They called themselves the Dual Tairiku. Kiri, Kumo and Suna quickly became the Triple Alliance after that. Three months had passed and the score stood 3 to 1. The Triple Alliance had killed half of the Dual Tairiku's army, and the Dual Tairiku barely even touched them.

A month after that, the Dual Tairiku finally made a big leap in the war. They destroyed all of the islands surrounding Kiri no Kuni, killing countless Shinobi and destroying over 20 of their bases...

It's been 6 Months since that attack, and the two Alliances are at a breaking point. They are about to unleash they're full power. But what side will you be on when everything breaks loose?


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Naruto: UzuChia Rpg 2.0
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