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PostSubject: Wip Arrancar   Wip  Arrancar I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 8:10 pm


Arrancar //[/size]
Wip  Arrancar Image here Wip  Arrancar Image here Wip  Arrancar Image here
The light begins to fall, and the darkness starts to rise. Twilight once again coveres the world.[/size]

Information //[/size] Sin, Alma[/size]

Full Name: Alma, Sin
Alias: Twilight soul
Real Age: 251
Age of Death: 20
Age of Appearance: 20
Gender: female
Current Residence: Where the arrancar sleep, where the wolrd splits into the day, where the eternal sun blocks the twilight and the shadow, Los Nochas
Weapons: Zanpakuto
Items: Bling upon the forhead

Wip  Arrancar Twilight-Princess-the-princess-of-twilight-8971110-100-100 Wip  Arrancar Twilight-Princess-the-princess-of-twilight-8971110-100-100 Wip  Arrancar Twilight-Princess-the-princess-of-twilight-8971110-100-100

Persona //[/size] Character quote[/size]

Alma is calm and slilent around her superiors. She acts with grace and superiority. Alma is a selfless warrior, meaning she will do what ever it takes to win a fight even at the cost of power or her own self. She is loyal to her superiors unless they show weakness. She tends to side with the strongest side. Her bond to comitment is to training and self perfection. She has a complex to defeat rather than kill; she's seen mercy, and her former lack of it made her feel low and unmighty.

Around weaker arrancar she shows pitty, but scorn for their lack of skill or even ability. She is far from a complainer, but she get's her point across the board and makes sure that all her facts are strait before preceeding with plans and actions. She has caution in her techniques but if she knows she can win she will try her best in a fight. Sparing is er weakness; she has a small place in her imaginary heart, where there's acctually her hollow hole, for sparring. Blood an gore don't scare her; she has seen many arrancar die in battle and their bodies were nothing in her eyes. She is drawn to power like a moth to a flame, she wants nothing more than to rule and create war to obtain false peace. She is cruel to her mortal enemies and will attmept, if not destroy them.

Apperance //[/size] Body strcture[/size]

Wip  Arrancar Resized_Midna

  • NATIONALITY: Japanese
  • ESTIMATED HEIGHT: In her pre Res form she is short. In her normal form she is mid hight but still the average hight of a japanese women.
  • ESTIMATED WEIGHT: The scale does not lie, but the she will never say.
  • EYE COLOR: Orange
  • BUILD: Skinny
  • HAIR COLOR: glowing orange with yellow neon at the tips and roots.
  • HAIR STYLE: Long hair with delicate designs and jewlery mixed into the style.
  • PREFERRED CLOTHING: Other than a robe that coveres her body, she has her jewlery that she wears on her forehead and the odds and ends of rings and bands.

History //[/size] Date of birth[/size]

  • Alma was born into a rich family with land and wealth. Her future was writen in solid stone. She was to marrie a suitor and have sons. She grew up learning how to be a proper gentle women. Instead, she took after the village people and became this first of her family to hang out with the poor class of people. Once her family found out, she was striped of her friends and was stuck in the house. She learned to be a kid with her friends, but around her family she was the demon child. She grew up trapped in her own home.

    Years later when a suitor was found to take her hand, she ran away. Into the forest of the land and she found out something special. SHe could see spirits. Although she didn't like the particular ones that looked demonic, she had to trust them to survive. She could speak to them and they to her. Eventually she found her way to a new village, a new place to call home. She met a young man just aliitle older than her. She fell in love with him and they spent their time with one another. One day when news of an escaping royal was old she was a young women. She was free from the curse of destinuy but her discovered gift of seeing spirits became the new threat. With each passing day, she saw more and more demons. Eventually one spoke to her and she fled from it, but that was not enough. The evil that followed her killed her, with only blood as the trace to follow. Her love looked for her, but when he saw she was across the ground with life dripping from her mouth, he knew he had lost her to the spirits.

    She became a plus soul after being killed, but the danger did not stop there. The evil attacked her and broke a chain that lead to her body. She ran far from the forests of her new home. Each passing day, the chain grew smaller, until it ate a hole into her heart. She became like the beast that killed her and roamed the land for a source of food that would fill her heart. She was a beast, a freak of nature, that walke the forests of her lover's home. She came to him, to find love, but when he saw what she became, he was scared. She couldn't control her self and she eventually consumed her love and then the people of her home.

    She lost herself for a long time, becoming a minoes. As part of a giant, her soul was stronger than all others, it became the strong force behind the minoes and she took over it. The minoes became smaller and her mind tamed the beast into an odd, four horned beast. It consumed everything in it's path and every hollow it met became prey. Her instinct to kill with multiple apendages became the mark of adjudas, and she had no other rivals. She, over time, had visited the forest of minoes and walke dthe sands of HM. An arrancar found her. She tried to fight it, but it was futile for her. It used words to tell her of power, the power of the arrancar. She joined the path of arrnacar and she recived a new name. Sin, Alma. No Soul.

Hollow information //[/size] Data[/size]

Numero: 17
Base Form: Adjuds
Mask Placement her hair piece is the mask in first form. It is nearly unrecognizable as a mask but in her pre res form it takes the new shape of a broken mask. In res form it becomes fully reconstructed.

Hollow Techniques //[/size] Abilities[/size]

Name: Hierro (Steel Skin)
Type: Passive
Range: Passive
Description: Refers to the ultra-tough skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakutô bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Name: Bala (Hollow Bullet)
Type: Offensive
Range: Long range
Description: A weaker but quicker alternative to regular cero blasts. The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it at around twenty times the speed of a Cero.

Name: Cero (Hollow Flash)
Type: Offensive
Range: Long range
Description: Are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various places on the body. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently.

Name: Explotar [Explode]
Type: Supplementary
Range: Supplemantary
Description: As many Arrancar and Hollow, Vizard use Cero as a great attack on their part. Some of the stronger (high level) users have this ability while using a Cero. With this addition to the Cero, the user explodes their Reiatsu when they use the Cero. This cero explodes on impact on the opponent, sending them flying back with even a stronger force then a normal cero. The drawback on the user using this that they will use a lot more energy than they would use a regular Cero.

Name: Sonido (Resounding Revolution)
Type: Passive
Range: Passive
Description: Is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami flash steps; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonido is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for flash steps.

Auto-gained at ML-S for hollow

Zanpakuto //[/size] Soul Cutter[/size]

Sealed Form: Her weapon is a 2 foot long katana. It is orange and black with neon orange across the black surfaces. The edge is the same neon orange and the guard of the weapon looks exactly like her hair with the same color and designs. The handle is black with orange bandages around. A small chain extends from the guard, it is three, small triangles that make up a large trianlge.
Length: 2 feet
Weight: 10 lb.s

Resurrección //[/size] True release[/size]

Name: Divinity Twilight beast.
Call Out Phrase:If I shall die before the twilight fadesm then I shall take upon myself a new form. I shall become the spirit of the twilight and become like the spirits.

Two: My soul is gone, my heart is void, the window unto the both shall fade. My body is my fear. I am one but with all!

transformation phase 2

Type: transformation.
Resurrección Appearance:
One: This is considered the biggest flaw of the resurrección; Alma must turn into a younger form of herself to build up power for the final stage. She has minor power during this time but her power is decreased and she looses her weapon. The preemptive stage reverts her mask to the broken stage which slowly turns into the full size and then transforms her when she speaks the second phrase. This first transformation is a time for her to collect energy. She is unable to use any hollow powers except: Bala, Sonido, her res powers availabel at this stage, and minor flight. 7 posts are required to be used before Alma can go to teh ful stage; this for is like a seed, it requires to grow before blooming.
Two: Once the phrase ahs been used, her mask covers her body and then her body becomes a huge 7 armed beast. It glows with yellow and black liquid that is constatly in motion. She has only a floating body with her full form mask and her 7 arms. She is about 60 feet tall with each arm 20 feet long. Since her body is almost complete energy her mask acts like an anchor to hold the energy inside. Breaking the mask is the only way to revert her before resurrección is over.This will last 21 posts.
Resurrección Abilities:

Name: Twilight Cero
Type: Offensive,(ful res)
Range: Long
Description: Unlike any typical cero, Alma in full resurrección form can create a super cero by placing her hands over a shpere of energy. It fires several shots of energy before the sphere is exhauseted. This has a two post charge and can fire up to seven shots. She must use the same number of hands to shoot the number of times she wants. She can limit the shots to free use for her arms in close combat. The cero can easily destroy large buildings and structures since each shot creates a large 30 foot blast. One combind blast can be created and it creates a 70 foot tall blast that can affect fighters 2 ranks above her in a moderate way. This has a seven post cooldown.

Name: Energy Body
Type: Sup. (ful res)
Range: Medium
Description: Since Alma's body is nearly pure reiatsu, she can increase the length of any limb at will. It can extend by decreasing the size of her other arms. Additionaly healing and regeneration are changed reforming the energy bonds 1 foot of an arm can be sacrified to heal a large cut or a severed limb. Once all 7 arms have been severed or used up the body must rely on other means of combat. In lesser res form her hair can grow several feet long and act like a hand, and a weak form of telekensis can be used to hold items.

Name: Spear of the twilight beast
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Description: This 30 foot long spear of energy is tripple the densicty of diamond. It is the shape of a giant trident spear. It requires two hands to hold it. Embodied with Alma's power, it can be created up to three times. Once thrown or let go of the enegy inside is released and slowly starts to degrade. After traveling 50 feet it looses half of it's density and size. After another 10 feet it becomes a fourth of the original size and dencity.

Name: Twilight Sonido
Type: Sup.
Range: Long
Description: Similar to sonido this ability moves Alma by splitting her reiatsu particles in quantities. It can seep into most any defence that is equivlent to a level 40 devencive kido.This can be used at either stage of resurrección, but has a four post cooldown. She can move objects with her by making the sonido a full post with no other abilities being used. This is more of a transportation technique rather than a dodging; it can easily be tracked and has a noise that signafies use. There is no limit to the distance being traveled at minor res stage; however, she cannot go between worlds. At full res, this ability only moves Alma 15 feet at a time.

Both abilities of Twilight Sonido and the Spear


Masteries //[/size]

[color:92e3=EBE0EB][Below Average]

[color:92e3=C2A3C2][Above Average]

Wip  Arrancar Image here Wip  Arrancar Image here Wip  Arrancar Image here

Arrancar //[/size] Last, First name[/size]

Mastery: Resurrección
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: Advance
Details:Being one of the few Arrancar to be as strong with their Resurrección, Alma has advance abilities with her's. The downside to the first part of her Resurrección is the main cause for her level; if she didn't have the skill she would be easily defeated.

Mastery: Sonido
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: Below average
Details:Alma's ability to use sonido is lacking in normal form. Even in Resurrección she has only her advancement from res.

Mastery: Hierro
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: Above Average
Details: Alma's Hierro is stronger than average.

Mastery: Hand-to-Hand
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: above average
Details: Her hand to hand without a zanpakuto is better than others

Mastery: Cero/Bala Control
Race: Hollow
Mastery Level: Advance
Details: Her skill with Cero and bala are also advance for her class.

Mastery: Reiatsu Control
Race: Hollow
Mastery Level:above average
Details: She has little power in controlng her senses with reiatsu. However she makes up for it with a large amount of reiatsu at her disposal.

Mastery: Hollow Techniques
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: Above average
Details: Although she has just the basic skills for her hollow techniques it is part of her to train herself to perfection.


~General Information~
Name: Shinzuikage
Weight: The Shadows of Souls
Height: 6'2"
Age: 250
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Clothing: Typical arrancar clothing, being a robe extending to the ground, loose pants and no shirt.

~arrancar Rank/ Number~
Rank: Espada
Number: 3
Number Location: THE SOUL, jk above his hollow hole.

Name: Gravity
Range: 300 feet
Info This ability over gravity is one of the strongest powers among Arrancar. It can surpress people into the ground or even to move the gravity to another direction. Spiritual pressurr has alot to do with this ability aswell. The high an opponets the more they are able to resist the gravity.

History/Background Story:
Before death Arc:

Death/hallow Arc:

Becoming a arrancar/life as a arrancar Arc:

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
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im liking this.

let me know when it is done Very Happy
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