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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 9:37 am

~General Information~
Name: Nazrael
Nickname/Alias:God Hand
Weight: 154
Height: 5'10
Age: 19

~Character Information~
Appearance:Nazrael has brown skin. His hair is spiky and it is white with red streaks in it. His wide eyes are red and around them are dark. He usually appears bored. He has a tattoo of a cross on his the four points having equal length. His nails are painted black all the time.
Clothing: Yami wears the ordinary shinigami attire except his is white. His sash that goes around his waist is red. His sandals are black and he has bandages around his hand that reaches up to his knuckles. He usually has a white gold necklace dangling from his neck and the piece attached is shaped like an ankh. He has a bracelet on his wrist but the engravings appear damaged.
Personality: Nazrael is one to keep to himself. He doesn't like company very much because he is very easily bored. He usually likes to be alone in a corner or something and avoid people as much as possible. He doesn't express much interest in anything anytime. Some people would consider him to be weird compared to others. He rarely talks the only time his mouth really moves is when he is eating candy. Other than that, he is usually by himself thinking of something that he can do.

When Nazrael is dealing with someone he is familiar with he would probably converse with them. But most of the time, he really keeps to himself. He thinks most people he is surrounded by are very boring.

When fighting, Nazrael has no remorse for anyone. Though he does get hurt, he doesn't exactly seem to get hurt. He likes to completely obliterate his opponents when he fights. He absolutely hates to leave fights half finished. He is generally calm as he is in other situations.

Nazrael also doesn't like being in leading positions. He doesn't like to be in charge of anything but himself for two reasons. One, because to him it would be like babysitting a group of children. Two, because he doesn't like to boss people around. Though, he is very intelligent and strong, he just doesn't like that kind of thing.

~Rank/Gotei 13~

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name:Zansatsu, Akuma Tenshu
Zanpakutō Look:Nazrael's zanpakutou is like an ordinary katana when unreleased. The only distinguishing thing about it is the white hilt with red blots as if blood was splattered onto it. The guard is the shaped like that cross tattooed on his face and it is silver. The back of the blade of his sword is black.
Zanpakutō Tranfrom look:When Nazrael releases his zanpakutou, it takes on the form of a gauntlets that reaches from the tip of his fingers to just before his elbow. The gauntlets are black and they have spike over the knuckles .
Zanpakutō Power:The zanpakutou has two abilities. The first one, it can slow the speed of anything within a meter of Nazrael making attacks, people(with the exception of Nazrael) or objects slow down to a speed in which they can be avoided or hit. The second ability is to build up enormous amounts of reiatsu. Reiatsu is constantly transferred between the zanpakutou and Nazrael multiplying until someone or something is hit by Nazrael making for devastating blows.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name:-
Bankai Look:-
Bankai Power:-

Skill Specialty: Enhanced Speed and Strength

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc:Before Nazrael died he was a loner. His parents had died about three months before his 19th birthday in a house fire while he was in school. He didn't feel much though. He couldn't find the emotion he was supposed to feel. After they died, he dropped out of college and began training his body. He began practicing martial arts and started fighting in underground matches and tournaments for money to survive. When he had enough money and didn't feel like fighting, he remained in the apartment he brought with his fight money and lit an incense and read his book. His life was very boring until one day, after fighting, he was stalked by the person who he had defeated. He was undefeated and it apparently began to get to some people. They stalked him for a couple of blocks and when there was no one around to witness, they beat him to death with a lead pipe.

After Death Arc:Nazrael woke up in a place that appeared poor. He instantly knew he didn't want to be there. But, it didn't take too long for him to hear about the shinigami and seireitei. He was strong so he thought he had nothing to lose. He entered seireitei and enrolled himself in the academy. He spent a short time their and he was recognized as talented by all his peers and others. After he graduated, he was immediately accepted into a squad where he had served. He remained in this squad throughout his entire time in seireitei and rose through the ranks until he eventually became a liutenent.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample: Yuki was sitting in his wooden house. It was poorly lit, but the flame from the wax candle provided enough light to be able to see. Yuki sat cross legged at a short table eating and drinking tea with his family. His wife was beautiful, short red hair, wide dark green eyes. The only thing about her was that she had a flat chest which didn't seem to bother him. His son, for his age he was a bit tall and slightly darker than his parents, he was also kind of built. As Yuki laughed along with his family, he felt the air outside of his house change. The house was surrounded by several trees, it would seem like a forest but in reality it wasn't that far from civilizations. All happy feelings in him immediately disappeared from his body. He had heard some noises.

He slowly stood to his feet as he looked at his wife and son with a hard look in his red eyes. This was meant to tell them to remain there and quiet down. He knew what was going on already. He exited the room and put on his combat clothes. He quickly through on his clothes but took his time in tightning his bandages, after all, he didn't want them to loosen while he fought to defend his family. When he re entered the room, he heard a harsh banging at his door. He passed disturbing the peace in his house off as unforgivable. He kicked open the door as it flew off and hit someone as that person went flying with it. He looked around. Just as he thought, his house was surrounded by delinquent gangs that he had once before attacked to make them cease their foolishness.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he took a stance, he had promised himself that he would make this quick so that he can fix the door to his little home. His eyes shot open as his red pupils began to glow with ki. By doing this, he effectively suppressed and knocked out the first few lines of his attackers. He looked at the remaining few, as there wasn't that many to begin with. Twelve enemies remained. A lot of them held weapons but this didn't scare Yuki at all. For their forms were off so he realized this would be very easy for him. He stood still as they did too. This lasted for a while as the grass between them was blown in one direction by the wind. After they grew tired of waiting, they all charged Yuki.

The first one ran up, weapon raised, it was a katana. Yuki punched him in the stomach as the life was drained straight from his eyes. As the katana fell through the air, Yuki snatched it by the hilt before it could touch the ground. As two more delinquents ran towards him, he sliced horizontally and the dropped before him. He stabbed the sword in the ground and pressed his hands on top of the hilt as he used it to lift himself. Four delinquents ran up to him but he spun on the hilt kicking them all away. While his kicks were fast, they were also packed with power. He was sure they weren't getting up. He pushed hard against the hilt of the katana and launched himself in the air.

On his descent, he brought down his foot on the head of one of the enemies. It hit them hard and when they hit the ground they bounced back up, only to drop again. He began jumping and spinning on his toes until he eventually built up enough momentum. He extended his foot as his body began rotating and a light tornado appeared around his feet. His extended foot his the remainder of the delinquents and when they all hit the ground he stopped his attack and landed on the ground. This is when he woke up from his dream, looking at his apartment ceiling.
(Rp actually depends on others posts so don't expect anything like this. Either way, I don't think this is one of my best posts.)
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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 10:43 pm


although id like to ask would your "slowing of speed" ability affect those of captain level or shunpo masters?
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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 12:27 am

also how much reiatsu is with held and what kind of damage does it do
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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 11:39 am

Well it effects everyone but if their really fast as a shunpo master for example then it probably wouldn't really matter.

The glove constantly builds up reiatsu until it's released and the damage done is dependent on how much is built up.
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mage master

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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 5:10 pm

oh like lady tsunade i see

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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2011 5:49 pm

Thanks. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Nazrael(COMPLETE)   Nazrael(COMPLETE) I_icon_minitime

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