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PostSubject: Heishiro Azuchi   Heishiro Azuchi I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 5:11 am

Hey, think everything's in order here

~General Information~
Name: Azuchi Heishiro (安土 平史朗, though he normally writes his first name in Katakana)
Nickname/Alias: Hei-chan or Azuchi-kun depending on gender.
Weight: about 10 stone 2
Height: 5ft 11
Age: 16
Gender: Male

~Character Information~

Appearance: Heishiro allows has a slightly lackidaisical air about him, only enhanced by his tending towards wearing loose or ill-fitting clothes over his thin build. While he has a certain musculature, it's nothing he had to work-out to attain but just a by-product of his being forced to train. His face is reasonably well arranged, he's bordering on the bishounen but his usual vacant expression tends to hamper this unless he tries putting on the charm. His brown hair is braided into a pony-tail most days and he only wears it this long because of his laid-back attitude when it comes to hair-cuts. His eyes are dark blue, which is odd for a Japanese boy but nothing that gets him undue care or attention.

Clothing: When in school, he wears the usual school uniform but out of school he usually wears baggy shorts and loose T-shirts for comfort, but has been none to wear neater clothes when told to.

When in his Spirit form, however, he gains a bizarrely modified Shikakusho. While he wears loose fitting clothes in his human guise, his Shinigami form seems to wear tight fitting versions of the usual uniform and he seems to be fine with this. Apparently, it's more comfortable so he heartily endorses it. He also tends to have bigger, heavier boots than the sandals worn by most Shinigami (a fact he takes advantage of however he can). While not common, he also has a cap that appears when he first changes, but is often discarded for vision reasons.
Heishiro Azuchi 1049313666_Maxwell202
A good example of his face, clothes and general attitude.

Personality: Heishiro is a bizarre contradiction of doggedly dilligant and complete Sloth. While he sleeps his way through school and seems to not take an interest in anything he scores quite well in tests because he enjoys the challenge of teaching himself everything. This belief in himself is so great and has so deeply warped his vision of himself that he finds it annoying when anyones tries to teach him anything and will respond in his usual way, sleeping. The one thing he takes seriously is a) a good challenge and b) doing the right thing. He's well aware that there is a difference between right and wrong and he's also aware there is a difference between that and what he WANTS to do. Contrary to his laziness and self-absorbtion, he will always attempt to do the right thing if he has the option. This is probably why his erstwhile sensei puts up with him, and why he's had to learn so many tricks to keep Heishiro occupied. But as far as learning to his Zanpakuto goes, Heishiro's dedication is almost terrifying and this is matched by the spirit inside so, as you can imagine, it happens frequently. He's also observant in a way rarely seen in one so young, often spotting things people don't expect him to notice, and has a strange flair for the dramatic often exagerating deatils to make the story more fun.

His quirks are mainly focused around Heishiro's ability to fall asleep anywhere is notable as is his tendency to produce sunglasses from anywhere when he does so. (As seen in the image)

~Rank/Gotei 13~

Rank: Shinigami Representative
Division: None

Zanpakutō Information~

Zanpakutō Name: Koukatama (劫火霊)

Zanpakutō Look: When sealed, Koukatama has a silver, metallic handle with a black leather strap coiled around it help with the grip. The blade itself is average in length with a strangely curving Hamon down the blade, the tsuba is circular and also silver giving the blade a single colour. The sheath is dark green and most often strapped to Heishiro's back or discarded during fights. It's strapped to his back because, of course, he's too lazy to carry it and he hasn't got a convenient way to have it by his side.

Zanpakutō call: Moeru (Burn)

Zanpakutō Tranform look: When it transforms, Heishiro's Zanpakuto becomes a long silver pole with a rectangular protrusion at the end. This rectangle is responsible for the majority of the danger generated by the Zanpakuto but is very difficult to damage given the nature of it's ability. This weapon's most common appearance is to have a large green crescent of Reiki and Reihatsu coming from it as the base form, but this can change due to the weapon's power. The crescent is also remarkably solid.

(also an image here credit to Sushi-Rabu for the drawing)

Zanpakutō Power: The swords main power is shifting between different forms. Koukatama can become (within reason) any weapon that Heishiro desires. Of course, the limit of the large silver pole that forms the base of the weapon does limit his choices, but it's easy enough to mould the blade so it becomes a spear, an exceptionally long nodachi, a glaive. It also has a high level of regeneration and it's possible to generate a second rectangle (or Focal point as Heishiro thinks of it) at the weapons base but this expends power. The blade itself is generated by his Reihatsu so each form drains Heishiro a comparitive amount based on it's size and density.

It's notable that Heishiro can use this weapon to temporarily 'misplace' an opponents Reihatsu by forcing his own into their vital Reihatsu areas (i.e. the Hakasui 'Soul Sleep') which temporarily causes them to pass out. But this attack requires an unbelievable amount of luck to land, especially as his weapon has no projectile function (that isn't to say it can't do range, but trying to direct a mile long blade of energy is next to impossible, drains a lot, and is simply unfeasible). The largest he can reasonably handle is about 60 feet, though even this is flimsy, and at it's most concentrated the weapon becomes heavy with the sheer pressure at the weapon's end (at this density it can't be larger than 7 inches or it loses concentration).

The default form, and easiest to maintain, is the Scythe form mentioned with a reasonable length blade and a reasonable density of spiritual energy. It's useful for cutting spiritual attacks and can (when used correctly) block Kido.

~Bankai info~Information~

Note: Heishiro hasn't obtained Bankai yet but as he will at some point, I thought I'd list it here.

Bankai Name: Douten Koukatama (動天 劫火霊)

Bankai Look: The Zanpakutoh is swung around in a wide arc around Heishiro has he says the word's Bankai before bursting into green light and exploding outward, reforming on his back as a silver loop behind him inscribed with the Kanji of it's name (seen above). The ring acts like an amp to Heishiro's powers and allows him to form weapons out of solid Reihatsu while simultaneously filling him with energy. He gains a semi permanant green aura at all times which shows his power is unleashed and he emits large amounts of Reihatsu at nearly all times. The weapons he makes are solid, made of silver metal not energy and can change in his hands, a sword might start small and transform into an enormous club with next to warning. When they change the metal glows green so there is a brief warning but it can happen extremely quickly.

Bankai Power: The most dangerous ability of Douten Koukatama is that vastly improves Heishiro's body giving him extreme speed and strength, to the point that he can fight unarmed against another Bankai by using his Reihatsu to shield himself from harmful effects. The reihatsu is constantly present as a green aura and can stop a sword from cutting him by adding weight to it (often compared to cutting through treacle) and a weaker Shinigami may well find their weapon trapped in his aura. To compensate for his inability to use Kido, he can use his Reihatsu to produce a variety of effects such as blasts of spiritual energy and the power to unleash a shockwave of pressure suddenly by focusing and shouting. The shockwave isn't damaging but it tends to 'flatten' in-coming attacks, it requires a 10 second focus start first. His strength and speed increase, coupled with his speed, makes him noticably more destructive (and is where the Zanpakuto gains it's name of Douten or Earth-Shattering, his reihatsu can damage terrain by standing near it). In terms of speed, he can normally outpace Shunpo but has a harder time stopping (leading to a lot of sliding around and showers of sparks when the reishi can't gather under his feet in time)

The bankai's secondary feature is an expansion on it's shikai, the power to generate weapons. This time though, it uses Reishi to generate a faux Zanpakuto (Or Nisemono Zanpakuto) so that Heishiro has a weapon. These weapons are only at the same strength as his Shikai but while he doesn't gain quality he gains quantity, he can generate large amounts of the weapons and even as they are destroyed he can generate more. He also gains a greater level of scale, able to generate up to a 200 foot weapon for a single attack (required he has Reishi, in the human world for example he could barely generate a 50 foot weapon).While this bankai is powerful, it does have a vulnerability. By hitting the ring on Heishiro's back his Reihatsu de-stabilises, wasting it by unleashing too much and making him unable to generate weapons for about 4 minutes 9 seconds. This weakness does have the plus side that the sheer wall of Reihatsu it unleashes tends to restrain the attacker or worse case, makes them blackout.


Koukatama's Skills

Shift- By saying the words 'Shift' Heishiro can change his Zanpakuto into it's different forms, it's important that he has to say the word as it makes him focus on the new form his weapon is to take. He also uses this to 'tweak' the form, meaning these are only general descriptions, while correct in their description it doesn't give details (i.e. the spear could be 1 inch or 7 inches)

Scythe form- The main form used by Heishiro, generating an easy to maintain scythe blade, it's the default state for Koukatama. No special attributes and no real special attacks. As his default, the Scythe is the form he's best at and is most versatile with his fighting style.

Spear form- Focusing the blade down densely, Heishiro utilises the Spear form as a highly concentrated blade to cut through defences. While the blade is very short, it can slice through weaker Zanpakuto (i.e. unreleased ones) and pierce Kido barriers. The range is low though and requires extreme concentration. It also exposes the weapon to attack.

Axe form- A wider blade than the Scythe form, mainly used to block attacks as well as attack. It's more concentrated so consumes more energy but does so by increasing the weight, meaning he can swing it around brutally and barrel through blocks. It's also quite inaccurate because of it's wild style and isn't sharper than the Scythe form.

Sword form- Not really a sword, an incredibly large blade of Reiki but lowly concentrated and flimsy. Mainly used as a 'splash' of damage by simply hitting the opponent with size. Not very damaging or sharp but hard to deal with as it's just so clumsy. It's also a lot more unwieldy than the axe form.

Glaive form- A huge crescent of Reiki, similar to the axe form, but more balanced weight-wise. It's a rather large drain on Heishiro's energy so rarely used but is useful against multiple opponents as it gives a large semi-circular cutting area and makes him quite hard to hit.

Overdrive Scythe- The aforementioned 60 foot reasonable size, it's a single attack used by Heishiro in dire circumstances. The Overdrive Scythe (named in English, as Heishiro seems to like naming his Zanpakuto's skills in English) is an enormous explosion of Reihatsu at the tip of his weapon, usually created while in the air due to it's size, and is brought crashing down on the opponent. While blockable and avoidable, it's difficult to not take any damage from the move simply due to it's size. The downside is it greatly drains Heishiro which often makes it a finishing move used when he has no other options or a particularly stubborn opponent.

Douten Koukatama Skills

Reihame- Heishiro utilises his Reihatsu to attack at a range by waving his arms and unleashing a wave of Reihatsu. As expected, this attack travels through the ground as a pillar and does yet MORE collateral damage.

Yurimodoshi- Heishiro focuses his Reihatsu before yelling and unleashing a shockwave of pressure. This isn't really an attack as much a defence as it crushes opposing attacks and forces it into the ground. It does little damage to anyone with Shikai and none at all to another Bankai, but will stop an attack.

Kyoki Seiseite- Similar to the method used to stand in the air, Heishiro gathers Reishi and solidifies them into weapons. These weapons are normally called Nisemono Zanpakuto because they function like a Zanpakuto but aren't 'true' zanpakuto. They don't have special attributes over than being sharp or blunt and he can generate them almost effortlessly.

Miscellaneous Skills

Shunpo- While still sloppy, Heishiro's shunpo is remarkably quick, even if it tends to be dreadfully unbalanced and only gets worse as he enters Bankai and becomes even faster.

High Reihatsu- His odd heritage has granted Heishiro a high level of Reihatsu for his age, allowing him to reach Shikai and giving him the potential to reach Bankai.

Skill Specialty:

Name: Weapon Mastery
Range: Self
Info: Heishiro understands the core concept of nearly all weapons, and as such can theoretically use anything as a weapon. His focus is on pole-arms due to his Zanpakuto though, but this does apply to training as he can teach others effective ways to use their own weapon. If they can stand being taught by a smart alec like him. While he may not be the fastest or strongest, he IS very skilled, compensating for his body.

Name: Improvisation
Range: Self
Info: Heishiro has the unique ability to tweak his Zanpakuto (as seen in his 'Shift' skill) but his talent for adaption doesn't end there. He's remarkably quick to measure an opponent's ability and find an effective method to counter-act their skills with his own. While not really a specialised skill, the level of strategy Heishiro employs perhaps marks this as one.


History/Background Story:

Before Death Arc:

The Azuchi family were marked for death, as one of the most prominent of the Quincy bloodlines, but they were going to go down fighting. The battle between the Shinigami and the Quincy is not thoroughly documented but the end result is. The Quincy lost. The Azuchi especially so, leaving behind only a singular heir to be raised by a distant cousin of his mother who had no idea about his past.

This boy was named by the cousin as Heishiro and after some time, became like a son to her. Heishiro's childhood was moderately eventful, he got scrapes, he got bruises he... saw ghosts... but we tried not to think about that. To his adopted mother's relief, Heishiro seemed to have no talent for the Quincy cross and she believed that he might have a relatively normal life (maybe as a psychic or something...) but this was scuppered when the Hollows came to town.

One of their neighbours comitted suicide, scaring Heishiro terribly as he saw the man wailing besides his body and trying to revive himself. The culprit was his deceased wife, now returned as a Hollow with a serpentine body. Heishiro was only 10 but, determined to help the poor woman pass on, attempted to purify her with a Quincy bow. Of course, he failed because of his own lack of skill and was about to be devoured when a black robed figure intervened. The man told him to run but Heishiro was so scared. During the fight, the man's sword slipped and accidentally stabbed Heishiro. But to the surprise of all three, the sword sparked and in a rush of blue light, Heishiro was wearing black robes and floating outside his body. Armed with a sword of his own. After a struggle, he managed to purify the Hollow and realised the horrified agape face of the black robed man who seemed to have lost HIS sword.

Finding a gigai, the man introduced himself as Heihachi (making Heishiro smile that they had the same first kanji in their names) and said that from this day forth he would have to educate Heishiro in the ways of the Shinigami so that the BOTH of them could avoid trouble. Heishiro's immediate reaction?

After some serious cajoling, blackmail and out and out bribes, Heishiro agreed to let Heihachi teach him and even to stay at their house. Heihachi was unaware how great this victory was at the time but as the lessons tried to intensify, he learnt alright. Over time, Heihachi also learnt of Heishiro's Quincy heritage which explained the strange transferral of powers. He already had a high level of Reihatsu and the sword had just kicked it into high gear. Over time, Heishiro's adopted mother and Heihachi began to get closer and it seemed like Heishiro was forming a genuine family, which was why he was so distraught when it happened...

A mysterious foe attacked the house, injuring Heihachi and kidnapped his adopted mother. While only 14, Heishiro pursued the enemy and found him in a clearing near a temple just outside the town. His enemy seemed strange, animalistic, but with a fearful Reihatsu. His mother was alive, but injured, her soul attached to her soul-chain floated slightly outside her body. Heishiro wasted no time in charging in to save her.

While he'd gained a lot of experience, Heishiro was still no match for a monster like this. Battered all over the place, he ended up bloody and beaten on the floor in front of this bizarre creature. It looked down at him, a feral gleam in it's eye, when Heishiro heard a voice in his head.
"call me"
He didn't understand, who was this talking to him? His eyes glanced down and he saw it, his sword. He didn't realise until then but it had a name, one he'd always known in his heart. He was slowly getting to his feet, though not of his own will, and the sword seemed to be guiding him to hold it out. The blade shook and vibrated in his hand as he pointed it at the monster and said the words he needed to
"Moeru, KOUKATAMA!" In a blur of silver, the weapon elongated into a pole. Energy surging through him once more, Heishiro attacked!

The pole was more suited to Heishiro's fighting style but it lacked a cutting edge and couldn't damage the monster easily. Holding off the attack, Heishiro felt the beasts claws locked onto his Zanpakuto. He needed to fight back but how? He was being forced backwards when he felt it... energy surging through him once more... with a loud cry, a blade of green Reiki burst forth into a scythe, straight into the monster's heart. After a moment's surprise, Heishiro dragged the blade down and sliced the creature in half.

Rushing to his mother, Heishiro found her still alive but deeply asleep. Struggling to lift her in his weakened state, Heishiro dragged her through the woods. His mother regained consciousness enough to be surprised at this lazy boy trying so hard to get her to safety before slipping away again. Once home, Heihachi called for the ambulance and the two Shinigami waited by her bedside while the doctors did their work.

While she lived, she didn't wake up from her slumber. Heishiro and Heihachi resolved to keep defending people from Hollows, moving to Karakura town when Heihachi heard there were events occurring there. Heishiro is getting better with his Shikai but he still doesn't know... what was that beast he'd fought?

More confusingly, Heihachi announced that it was about time he went to Soul Society...

~RP Sample~

Roleplay Sample:


Had he ever run this fast before? Flying through the woods, the trail of the creature he was pursuing kept bouncing around bushes and trees spiralling ever deeper towards the old abandoned temple. Putting on a burst of speed, Heishiro was surprised to find himself shimmering in place. He'd never been good at Shunpo but he seemed to be improving, at least this was a good time to pick it up. In a blur of movement, he appeared in a screech of stones before the creature with his mom.

His black clothes seemed to evoke a reaction, "Good, let it know", he thought as he drew his Zanpakuto slowly.The creature across from him looked mainly human but with large round cat's eyes, claws on his hands (err, paws) and a fierce glare. The one thing that was definitely weird was his Reihatsu. The pressure felt like two souls in a weird fusion. Rolling his sword around in his grip, Heishiro suddenly lunged. The blade whistled through the air and narrowly missed the creature as it dodged to one side, dropping Heishiro's mom as he did.

Immediately making the priority decision, Heishiro dived under her to try and catch her. Holding her gently, he looked down at her sleeping face. And besides it he saw a strangely washed out, more intense version of her face. Her soul was seperated from her body. Laying her down as softly as he could, Heishiro noticed that her chain was still complete. She was still alive for now... which is more than could be said for this creature.

Soft flashes of pressure radiated away from Heishiro's body as he adopted a fighting stance, blade held ready. He could feel all of Heihachi's lessons suddenly filtering through his mind, a blur of techniques and philosophies. He'd not paid attention at the time, but now... it all seemed to be rushing back to him. His feet crunching on the gravel, he lunged forward, his cap flying free and with a loud yell, slashed directly downwards at the Beast.

The blow was blocked and to Heishiro's shock and considerable dismay, he was thrown backwards with two shallow gouges ripped into his black jacket. Landing in a crouch, his blade still pointed at the enemy's throat, Heishiro tried to focus with all his might. The creature was better than he'd thought but... he couldn't give up. Gripping his sword tightly, Heishiro forced himself to stand, ignoring the blood that slipped and trickled past his fingers
"That... all you got?" He snarled, a grin etched on his face. He would've run away normally but... this thing had hurt his mom. He wasn't going to give in. He had to win!

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