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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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 Sayomi The lost Captain

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PostSubject: Sayomi The lost Captain   Sayomi  The lost Captain I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 4:19 am

~General Information~
Nickname/Alias: The lost Captain
Weight:111 lbs
Age: unkown

~Character Information~

Clothing: other then the body suit she wears when in battle, she just wears normal clothes....

Personality:Sayomi is somwhat strange, person almost smiling or happy, even when shes talking about hows shes going to kill you. no matter how you try to change it. tho she wasn't allways like this, it was said when she was frist was captain she was kinda scary and tryed to flirt with everyone, she only changed when Miyu joined her squad. no one was realy sure why, some people think there was somthing going on with the two, witch might be true.... she is also quite a drinker witch is were Miyu got it from.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: former Captain
Division:former 10th

Zanpakuto Information~
Zanpakuto Name:kurisutaru subeta
Zanpakuto Look:


Zanpakuto Tranfrom look:

in its transformed state it is slightly bigger then her.

Realsed with the command: " Show them our soul kurisutaru subeta!"


Zanpakuto Power:

crystal Armor- she can form crystal like armor all over her body, the armor can withstand quite a beating.

crystal touch- If she chooses so, if she hits somone with her sword crystal will begain to grow from that area, slowly inprisioning, what ever was hit, the only way to stop it is to brake it off quickly before it inprisions you completly. witch isnt as easy as it seems.

crystal Dome - with a swing of her sword upwords she can create a dome that forms over her and her allys witch protects from attacks.

crystal shards- by swinging her sword as a traget she can shoot very sharp crystal shards at her target.

crystal spear- by jabing her sword out at a target, she can make it so a blade like crystal seemly grows out from her blade quickly heading for her target.

crystal quake- by stabing her blade into the ground, creating a long stream of sharp crystals in attempt to price the a target with many large spikes.

crystal lens- by spining her sword around she can make a crystal like prisom, wich can focus light into a powerful beam of light, witch can melt steel if the sun is out at full with no clouds, less light the less power.

crystal Mirrior- by spining her sword around she can also form a mirrior infront of her, the mirrior can reflet engery based attacks, tho it can be over powered, and often can only take a few attacks before shattering, she can allso control it, and move into places she wishes them to be in.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name:kurisutaru kuchikukan
Bankai Look:

while in bankai she grows two wings that are made from crystallike this.

and a large dragon forms close by...

Bankai Power:
while retaining all of its old powers, it gets some new ones, along with not her being able to use them but the dragon as well....

crystal ray- the dragon is able to shoot out a powerful beam, witch not only does massive damage, but quickly after words crystal will start to grow and incase things that survived the beam or was close to it.

crystal blades- Sayomi can form blades that look just like her 2nd form Zanpakuto, allowing her to still fight close range.

crystal Illusion- a skill witch allows her to create Illusions using her crystal powers, the Illusions themselfs look and seem very real, but otherwise they can't realy doing anything but trick people

crystal powder - by leting out large amounts of very small crystal shards to is able to render sensing techiques usless.

Skill Specialty: enhanced speed, inventive, Vizard, and Kido Master

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc:
while she was younger, a long time ago she was a member of a royal family so she grew up well, she like most members of roytaly thought there were people who where better then others, that was intill she started to be around a certian severnt. this severnt was often feared by the others of the house due to her size but Sayomi had felt somthing strange from her and liked having her around, and they soon became friends. she had the woman become her personal severnt, making her following her everywere she always had these strange feelings that this woman was more then just a normal servent... days went by like nothing out of the normaly, that was intill one day, she was out for a small walk. it quickly became a fight for her life as bandits jumped her and her servent, the woman defened Sayomi with her life, she yelled for help but it was too late, the gaurds came caring off the bandits, but her severnt and friends was wounded to much to survive, she help her friend in her arm, as she told her, a sad story, of her life, and how she was realy her sister. she was full of dread and sadness, over her friend and sisters death. she even attended the furnal. but life went on as normal, for her. she was soon to be wed to a powerful lord to fufill a peace treaty, but she was happy she would be doing good for her family. it was strange tho, often times she would see her sister standing somwere watching her. she lived her life like normal intill her wedding day, that day she was happy and the wedding went on as planed, that was intill everything went wrong. a large group of men braged into the building they were having the wedding and begain to kill everyone, people tryed to fight back were quickly killed. then they got to her held her down, then cut off her head.

After Death Arc:
Sayomi seemly stood up seeing her headless body below her, she was scared, but true fear apeared when a strange black creature apeared and started to feed on the people around her, she only could watch in fear. after the creature seemly ate all other nearby it would turn to her. they stared at each other, she saw somthing in its eyes, somthing she knew, but as it slowly start to reach for her she back away, but then it would turn seemly sensing somthing and flee. she would just stay there fearful of it returning...then a robed figure apeared before her, and insured her everything would be allright, and she sent her off..... to the soul society... there she lived in Rukongai west distarct 1, tho this was short lived as she quickly enrolled herself in the Academy. while no very skilled at frist, she was very powerful, way stronger then a Academy student should be, it was said she had to wear seals to supress her power so the other students wouldn't get hurt, and often had to have speical lessions to learn how to control her immense power. she after learning how to control her power, was able to use it to pass most of the tests and training in the school with ease, shorting the time she had to spend there. after words, she would have a frantic life, switching from squad to squad, wishing to figure out witch would be best for her, but she ended up spending most of her time in 12th Division often making things in secert away from the 12th divisions eyes, she knew she would get introuble if she got caught but she didn't care, she liked the thrill of danger. during her time there she helped out alot, even when people didn't know she was helping.... Sayomi was very smart, mixed with her massive power she was a deadly foe to cross path with. after a long while she had progessed to the level of a captain and after taking the test she desided to take the captain spot for squad 10, she was one of the youngest to hold the captain title at that time. she often scared off many people from her squad due to her flirty narture with "everyone" it was even wrost when she was drinking. she would often taken trips to the human world in secert, there she found a bount who had been locked up in a cage, not wanting to have anyone notice her existance there, she quickly made somthing that would help her, it was quite diffcult to do but after a few weeks she had made a bralect witch contained somthing witch actived by the right person would become somthing they could use for battle, not knowing how to get it to her, but then she felt somthing aproucing the shack she had been using as a home, she looked out and saw a small figure apearing behinde the figure she silently placed her hand onto the back of the small doll like figures head, and used a power she had been testing for a long time, learning his name and other infromantion she commanded him to go to her shack, the quickly vanished off made a note for him then left, watching in the distance. she watched after a short while he made his way to the bount girl and they left togeather, the girl seemly staring at her before she vanished back to her home in the soul society. after that most of her time she was bored out of her skull most of the time runing around casuing problems for other people, not realy problems but more like annoyances, tho once she almost blew up the squad 12 Barracks messing with some of the expermental stuff there.... tho she calmed down after a while, mostly due to a person she had meet, a women named Miyu. she had met miyu while on a walk, not looking were she was going she slamed right into her. after a quick passing off sorrys and words, she learned miyu was headed off to join sqaud 11, Sayomi after a few words conviced her it wasn't the right squad for her, and even conviced her to join her own....Sayomi spent much time with miyu not only on the job, even after that....she would often just talk with her amoung other things.....another thing they often did was train.....tho somtime after this somthing bad happened......during a battle with a powerful hollow, it did somthing to her, somthing that would one point make her leave, in the fear of hurting her friends.... durning the fight the creature knowing it was losing seemly entered into Sayomi like a parasiteand tryed to take control of her, this however backfired as he was to weak, and she easily supressed him. tho are time went on the hollow would once in a while try to take control leading to fits of rage and uncontroled actions, and after a short while she left everyone in order to protect them. as time went on she hid herself on earth, in a speical gigi she had made, witch cause her to be unnoticable, by normal means... while on her secert home on earth, she at some point had a child, and raised her.....

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

Sayomi  The lost Captain Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: Sayomi The lost Captain   Sayomi  The lost Captain I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 7:37 pm


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death
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Sayomi The lost Captain
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