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 Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P

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PostSubject: Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P   Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2011 9:11 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Saizo
Actual Age:
Physical Age:
Gender: Male
Division: 2nd
Rank: captain ((if avalible but since it seems other captain failed activity check the post shud be open))


Height: 5'11”
Weight: 150 pounds
Eye Color: unknown
Hair Color/Style: unknown
Complexion: dark
Any distinguishing features:
the bandage he wears to cover his face.
Picture: Remove the mask from the picture though.
Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P Commission___alex_by_geofffffff-d4b7whe


Personality: generally he is calm to the point where nothing seems to phase him, this isn't so much because he is detached but rather he is desensitised. From his early years he was not fazed by violence or the threat of it and even in the tightest of situations he maintains a perfect centre of calm, making both dangerous and sometimes quite imposing. He usually only speaks just above a whisper, in much the same way he conducts himself quietly and confidently. Generally he's a person of very few words and lets his actions speak for him, one can never really tell when he's about to burst out of himself and often when he does its to do something apparently insane.

though his intentions may be good he is willing to risk his and his companions' lives if it means getting the job done. Admittedly it isn't often as he much prefers to fight alone, finding other people to be more of a hindrance, but when he needs to rely on someone else he'd happily strike through them if it meant dispatching the enemy.

Putting his loyalty to Seireitei before everyone and everything else tends to alienate him from those around him, that suits him just fine as he only socialises with his peers during training anyway. Spending his downtime engaged in training exercises or in quiet contemplation. He takes great pleasure in art, more in the appreciation of it but its worth noting that he is a fair musician. He plays and carves wooden flutes and as he's gotten older has spanned out into carving other things. In fact his cold and calculating exterior seems to mask an emotional core so deeply repressed that even Saizo himself is not aware of it.

Though he tries hard to dull his emotional responses, both positive and negative, in order that he should be able to perform his duties with a clear, unobstructed mind anyone who has seen the softer artistic side of him can tell that there is more lurking just beneath the surface

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Singel


Not a great deal is known about Saizo's past, much of what happened to him during the time that he lived in the outer Rukon has been redacted from his personnel file by his request, with only the commanding echelons of the officer class (ie Lieutenant and above) allowed full access. Before that though things become a blur even to him, though over several years of meditation and consideration he's extrapolated that in life he was some sort of soldier or mercenary and that he suffered a most violent death at quite a young age. He surmises that it must have been traumatic and drawn out since he has almost no memory of it besides fire and screaming. His assumption though is wrong. Despite being born in the traditionally prosperous Shiga prefecture of Japan, Saizo was born in relative poverty and ran away from home as soon as his legs were strong enough to carry him, travelling North he was waylaid by thieves who instead of taking the little food he'd brought with him took him in.

The thieves raised Saizo in the woods as though he was one of them, initially as someone to cook and clean their weapons and later as a member of their band. Despite dwelling in the forest a small band of men could live in almost obscene luxury preying on passing merchant folk, to the young man it was almost paradise. However paradise is a fragile thing, fragile especially when made off the backs of others. To both the government and the people the bandits were untouchable in the forest, so the authorities burned the forest to the ground. Though some of the bandits, Saizo included, fled the ruin of their paradise it was the people they had wronged. The young man saw people he knew as friends, people he had come to love hunted down like animals. Saizo himself was captured alive and turned in, after being interrogated for information regarding the remaining the remaining outlaws he was executed. For some time afterwards his vengeful spirit occupied the remains of the forest which had been his home, he was joined by the spirits of his fellows likewise incensed at their fate. Eventually they began to degrade into vicious and horrific abominations and with Saizo being the last to retain his true self they chased him through the ruin of their paradise. Cornered and alone he was sure that he finished but like a flash the newly formed monstrosities were cut down, none of them had even seen the blades stroke.

Before the frightened spirit was a dark clothed man calling himself a Shinigami, at first Saizo was afraid, afraid to move on, but the Shinigami explained that he was already dead and there was nothing to be done about it. With that he performed the Soul Burial, sending Saizo to the outermost regions of Rukongai. Perhaps it was kinder that he not remember being hunted down like a dog, of having the ones he had loved turn on him, but as he crossed over he was left with nothing more than a name.

Life in Soul society

While in Rukongai he lived on the streets as a pickpocket but stealing from people that had next to nothing left him with just that even on a good day. After scraping by for what seemed like a lonely eternity Saizo met another young soul who was keen to show him how he could earn more for himself.

Saizo took to bare knuckle fighting like a fish to water, the impotence and frustration he had felt wandering the Rukon was much better directed through his fist. Not that it was easy, though he was fighting other youngsters and strays having no formal training he was nowhere near as proficient as he would later become. Anayama Kojiro, the other boy who had lead him to this utopia and he grew close over the years, while much wealthier men gambled on the success and failure of their fights each kept a weather eye to the other's back to ensure no foul play would befall them. Fate, however, is cruel and the hearts of men crueller still. Though the boys were close enough to be considered brothers, so much so that Saizo later would take on Kojiro's family name, they would not be permitted to escape from poverty and oppression as they had planned.

The goal for every fighter was much the same, aside from the sociopaths that came to love the violence, to scrape together enough to arrange passage into the heart of Rukongai, where there was work and more importantly pay. Normally this would take years but Saizo was offered a special fight, a fight to the death. Encounters weren't usually fatal but its a widely known fact that people will pay to see blood and so whenever business lagged the fight organisers would offer it up gladly, after all there were always more strays around. While Saizo was waiting for the fight one of the ring attendants wrapped his hands with tape and secured a couple of rusted nails between the fingers of each hand, imagine his shock and apprehension when he encountered Kojiro similarly armed.

Of course Saizo refused to fight, being not quite as hardened by life as Kojiro but his surrogate brother made it quite clear that if he didn't he would die. To prove his point he took a swipe at Saizo, barely missing his eye but mauling his face, from there the fight escalated until Saizo impaled Kojiro through the throat. As his friend lay dying no words passed between them, Kojiro merely smiled up at him, even giving him a thumbs up before dying there in his arms. Unable to cope with his guilt and unwilling to relive the trauma Saizo abandoned his emotions altogether from that day forward. After receiving the most basic of medical attention Saizo took his winnings and left that part of his life behind. He took only two things with him, a wood flute which Kojiro had been carving and the trademark scarf that he'd always worn whilst fighting, Saizo would treasure these always afterwards.

Even after he came into the inner districts of Rukongai things didn't improve much for him, with no proper place to sleep or wash his wounds became infected and one night he simply collapsed in a fever in someone's doorway. Luckily for him it was the door of a kindly elderly couple who dragged his inert form inside and tended his bedside. These would later become his surrogate family and though he felt no deep emotional attachment to them he felt indebted. So much so that they were the only people whom he willingly told what had happened to him in the outer districts. The months and years rolled by and while running errands and generally aiding his new 'parents' with their day to day lives was somewhat fulfilling it wasn't enough for him. When it came down to it fighting was all Saizo had ever been good at, in one life or another and so he resolved to make something positive out of his predicament and what better way than to become a Shinigami, to live his life fighting an unambiguously evil enemy?

Academy years

When he enrolled to the academy it was very clear that he was among the best hand to hand combat fighters there he did however lack in other areas like reading. this was something that he learned in an amazingly short amount of time. he passed the academy in 5 years with excellent grades in all subjects except kidou wich it proved he had no talent at all for. He also discovered his Zanpakotus name during theese years and spent time honing his skills with it. Non of the teachers in the Academy was suprised when he enrolled into the 2nd squad.

Shinigami Years
The first years in the 2nd squad he was tested alot and had to prove himself several times. But when he had proved himself he rised in rank quickly and become a seated officer. And when the old liutenant dissipeard he was the obivus choice, and he undertook the test to become a liutenant. And later when the captain quitted he took the captain test. and passed with flying colors.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name:
Sealed Blade appearance: Remove the blades from the wristbands he wear and thats how his zan looks in its sealed form

Zanpaktou spirit:
Inner world: Saizo's inner world is less complicated than most, a labyrinthine forest criss crossed with dirt tracks. Though the night sky above is peppered with stars, their constellations often metaphorically mirroring what Saizo is thinking, the trees lean towards each other over the tracks creating a canopy of sorts keeping the forest full of shadows. In the centre of the world is a clearing where Zanpakutou and wielder often converse. it is one of the few areas which is open to the sky. Outside the clearing, off the track and deep in the forest is a cave entrance leading to the deepest parts of the inner world

The forest is ever so quiet, not a cricket or bird song can be heard in the grim twilight, only on occasion the insane laughter of the Zanpakutou spirit who dwells there. Adorning the gnarled old trees are more spider webs, while dark scaled snakes can be seen darting between shrubs. The central clearing plays host to a swarm of fireflies which flutter around Saizo and his zans spirit, they are seldom seen outside the clearing but whenever they are they are always heading toward it, allowing for a certain degree of orientation if needs be.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase:
Released blade appearance:

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~
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PostSubject: Re: Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P   Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 30, 2011 8:47 am

Squad 2 position open

looking good so far Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P   Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 7:43 pm

i return from internet being shutdown and now way of getting on to leave a leaving/returning thread and my rank is open im so sad but meh whatever ill allow it if i can go rogue or even vizard
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PostSubject: Re: Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P   Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 8:37 pm

"never heard that excuse before internet shutdown"
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PostSubject: Re: Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P   Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P I_icon_minitime

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Saizo 2nd squad cap W I P
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