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 Akira Toddo

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PostSubject: Akira Toddo    Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:46 pm

~General Information~
Name: Akira Toddo
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Weight: 175 ilbs
Height: 6.2 ft
Age: 17
Gender: Male

~Character Information~

Akira's clothing has a rather simple appearance. He wears a black button up shirt which is usually unbuttoned. Under that is a white T-shirt along with a sliver cross Necklace he wears nothing special with the appearance atleast. He then wears black slacks for pants. Along with those he is wearing Black and White Converse shoes. When in his Quincy form he is found wearing a long white coat similar to the one Ichigo would wear in his Bankai form but simply White. Under that is a long sleeved white shirt. He also is wearing White Boots and white long pants.


Akira is a relativly calm man. He is smart and usually in control of a situation while other people are losing there head. He is a very loyal guy and when it comes down to it in the end he will not betray his friends for anything. Akira also sticks to his promises if he promises to do something he will put his all into it. Even though he is calm he may be a mess of emotions on the inside but he won't let them out. Now he may have a breakdown everyonce and awhile but that is it. He is on the side of Justice and in the end he wishes to help create a better world, with the defeat of all the chaos in the world.

He dislikes them horribly but not a hate as there is very little you can do to make him develop a hatred for someone or thing, besides Snakes. Akira has a horrible fear of Snakes, it isn't enough to hurt him in a battle if he fought against someone who uses Snakes but enough to make him take a longer route if he sees snakes up ahead while walking.

Akira perfers the truth and being kept in the loop, he knows how and when to keep his mouth shut even if he does not like it nor want to. He is good at manipulating a situation to his advantage when it is needed. Akira honestly perfers night time better than the day he likes it because the Day time air is so clogged by everyone and almost give a closed in feeling while breathing while night time gives a free almost as if the world is for you kind of feeling. Akira honors the code of No Man Left Behind, he will go out of his way to help or save a friend. He accepts death as a part of life, but does not like it nor hopes he will never get used to it, he does not wish to die despite aknowledging that he, and everyone else in life will meet death at one point, after that well no one knows for sure some say there is nothing, some a afterlife, some even say we become energy or are reincartated, only time will tell he does not care but wishes to live as much as possible before he meets his end. He knows the Seireitei is where most go but some become Hollows, some get eaten by Hollows.

He can be abit over protective at times but always means for the best. He has a good sense of humor but is not one to joke around during a battle, ok mabey one may slip out but it is not very common. When it comes to battle he plans three moves in advance rather than just run in and hope for the best he uses tactics, even uses the opponent as a weapon against themself at times. He can be rather polite if you are meeting for the first time. He absolutoly hates war, he will follow orders, usually not if they are horrible or just plain dumb but usually he will. He hates death as much as he accepts it, he simply wants peace but the world won't seem to allow that.He will not fight if he does not have to and to define have to is to defend himself or others. One thing he rarely tell anybody is that he is a Secret romantic but to avoid annoying people he doesn't show it, its not hat he cares what people think its people being annoying he cares about.

He secretly too can be abit judgmental even though he tries not to be. If he does not like a person he will distance himself from them. He tends to have more aquaitances than actual friends. This may because he tends to keep to himself. When he meets new people or observes a new place he does just that observe and analyze once you get to know him though he will open up abit but he chooses to tell confide in people due to personal prefrence. His goal is to create a peaceful world through peaceful manners despite all the chaos and evil in the world though.

He also despite being a extremely peaceful man has abit of darkness in him like everyone else. When he gets angry which is a very rare thing you have to either be a monster or insult one of the few people he actually cares alot about. He can go abit crazy while he still wants to help he world he isn't so peaceful this is very rare though for him and he is learning to control it. His peacefulness though is not shared for Hollows, they harm the innocent therefore they do not deserve his mercy.

[Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Enhanced Speed and Accuracy


History/Background Story:

Akira was born in Karakura town to the Toddo family. Who happened to be Quincies. Both Parents were so it was pretty good. His parents though wanted to keep him out of the danger of the being a Quincy so they never told him about much about it and mostly let him live a normal life going to school making friends doing homework and playing games ect. Everything was fine with Akira until his 10th birthday.

Now Akira coming from a family of Quincies obviously having High Reaitsu levels he was able to see spirits. His parents though when told about this lied to him and told him it was just his Imagination while yes they saw them too they payed no mind to them when he was around. On his tenth birthday his Mom gave him 100 dollars and told him he can go to the store and get whatever he wants as long as he brings a friend with him because she did not want hiom going alone.

He and his friend went he saw what he thought were just his imagination again while his friend could not see anything other than Humans that increased the idea of it was simply his own imagination. He heard something but he didn't pay any attention to it. He got a game and some snacks form the store. He and his friend were going back to his house when he saw His parents fighting off multiple Hollows. He noticed his friend couldn't see anything but he was sure that was not his Imagination because he could feel it going on.

After the successful fight between his Parents and Hollows which his Parents won they told him everything after his friend left of course. He now understood that. From that day on he has been trained in the ways of the Quincy by his parents. Now seven years later after himself training with them and also having fought Many Hollows himself now he is a seasoned Quincy and a rather well skilled one at that. After seven years he has surpassed His Father in Skills while His mother is still more Skilled as she was the stronger of the couple she still teachs him. He has already completed at age 16 his week of the glove training that was when his power surpassed his fathers. To get stronger she wants him to become as strong as possible now. He is powerful yes but not as strong as his mother yet so he still trains. As stated above he is not as strong as his mother who is a Qunicy Master she knows nearly all if not all the techniques of the Quincy and rivals levels of Captains easily she is a force to be reckoned with. He wants to be as strong as her one day but knows he still has alot of training to complete before he can perform on her level.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

Copied from a Naruto Site I rp on

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PostSubject: Re: Akira Toddo    Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:25 pm

looks good Very Happy


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Akira Toddo
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