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 Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office

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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

Posts : 139
Join date : 2011-05-28
Age : 38

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2000/2000  (2000/2000)

PostSubject: Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office   Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:02 pm

Little to no flair to the place, Outside is a sign with the Squad 11 Crest on both the Buildings roof, Its doors and of course the sign hanging above the doors.

Inside there is little to no furniture being spartan to the extreme, In the sleeping quarters bare essentials are found including beds, A open bath house and toilets. Outside the sleeping quarters is staging area's for new recruit training. Outside the building out back is a stadium swimming pool size training ground supplied with every feasible weapon type and occasionally hollow are brought in for live training. Only seated members are advised to enter.

Above each doorway through the Squad 11 compound is multiple mantra's.

The training grounds Mantra is "Never back down, fight with pride die with honor"
The training hall in the main building is "Open minds bring victory, Fight with both might and mind or die"
The barracks Mantra is "The destined of glorious combat"

Next to the training grounds and behind the barracks is the office like the rest its spartan with only cabinets and a table and chair for work. Usually the table if covered with paperwork. In the room behind the main office is the Lieutenant and Captain quarters. Both are equally spartan like the rest of the place with the Captain quarters Lacking a bed and instead having a futon on the floor. Both rooms share the same open bath as the rest of the squad, but have their own toilets.

Of course the main office has a mantra above its door that reads simple "The Finesse of Knowledge and Might and the discipline to stay ones blade"

The corresponding captain and lieutenant rooms have Mantra that read "The honed blade of ages, capturing the finest art of warfare" on the captains door.

With the Lieutenants reading "Aspire to be the greatest doubt nothing in your heart"

Of course The entire building under the squad's sign on the outside of the compound reads simply in plain letters the Squad's traditional Mantra. "Fight or Die"

On the doors next to the squad emblem are the tenents of Both the Shinsengumi and Bushido which read respectively


"G i - Rectitude

Yu - Courage

Jin - Benevolence

Rei - Respect

Makato or Shin - Honesty

Meiyo - Honor, Glory

Chugi - Loyalty"

' Deviating from Bushido(fully enforced though not to strictly)
Leaving the Shinsengumi(enforced but not as per the squad itself, more so for traitors and deserters)
Raising money privately(not enforced unless the money is illegally gained)
Taking part in litigations (Not enforced except in rare cases)
Engaging in private fights(not enforced unless it results in deserters)
Anybody who breaks the rules will be ordered to commit seppuku.(enforced when seen fit)"

Recruitment Flier:
Join Squad 11 for proving your strength and gaining more. Fight and never back down. If you are not strong enough you will be forced to become stronger those that are capable are the only ones encouraged to join.

Requirements to Join

1 Must Like Fighting even if it isn't a love for it

2 Must be ready for any hell that joining may entail

3 If your to weak to pass the required combat test via captain decision come back when stronger or with recommendation from at least two captains and approval by captain commander.

4 If you are strong enough you will be placed in rank accordingly from lieutenant to unseated rank 300. Shikai and Bankai training will be given upon entering.

5 Ranking tests will be given every so often be it in the form of live combat, squad training or contests of mental and physical strength those who don't meet the captains standards will lose rank by what he deems necessary.

6 Desertion will be dealt with by way of death, No cowards will be allowed to join.

impartial note from the captain: My goal and current policies is to close the gap in power that Seireitei has between captains their their squads. I Encourage all to drive themselves to become stronger than me.
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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

Posts : 139
Join date : 2011-05-28
Age : 38

Character sheet
2000/2000  (2000/2000)

PostSubject: Re: Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office   Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:53 pm

(Entering after several days of hectic events and a few hours being healed by squad 4)

After many hectic occurrences Ito relaxes on the floor in the barracks main hallway. Letting his body rest after the constant fights that had been around recently. "Such a pain whats with everything these days." he mutters and stares up at the ceiling.
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Ito Sengo Masahi

Ito Sengo Masahi

Posts : 139
Join date : 2011-05-28
Age : 38

Character sheet
2000/2000  (2000/2000)

PostSubject: Re: Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office   Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:50 am

(Plunging into the Inner world)

Ito closes his eyes as the world vanishes around him "The peace talk seems to have been more than just a talk of peace," he mutters softly as he appears in a almost desolate wasteland inside his inner world."Well Karasu what should we do, it seems the only one who has no secondary motive is that Female Espada," he says getting no answer other than a vicious assault from the other.

With a grimace Ito takes the blow and his hand comes up gripping Karasu's arm tightly."I forgot you only like to fight and kill nothing else, since you still keep holding back your secrets then I shall slowly drag it out of you,"Ito says his voice echoing around in the inner world as it turn to a field of grass and flowers as Karasu's massive wings kick up a maelstrom of wind and black feathers.

After a few second the two begin trading vicious blows that where at strong as Ito in Bankai. The entire inner world ringing with clashing of steel and howling winds. "Come on Karasu you can do better than this," Ito says taunting his Zanpakutou. Only receiving the reply of heavy flurry of blows and being flung back quickly. As the battle escalates the inner world begins to show being torn apart by the two equally clashing powers. Of course the second Karasu unleashes the real power of herself against Ito, he finds himself having to move backwards to avoid the mass of darkness and wind from tearing him to shreds as it spreads out like a hurricane like net.

"So that is your real power or at least one not bad," Ito says as he charges into the fray again blade first. Bringing the blade down towards Karasu's shoulder only to be caught on its claws.After a few more tradings of blows the inner world fades away to a almost equally injured Ito in his squad barracks breathing heavily. With a lazy movement he slides to his feet Ito grabs up paper work from his office and leaves taking it to the academy with him.
((exit:for now))
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PostSubject: Re: Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office   

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Squad 11 Training Grounds, Barracks, Office
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